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wow and wow how time flies. Apologies to those who expected to see me at the Alpaca Futurity as Sponsor but an Uncle went into a coma on Friday night and died in the early hours of Saturday morning – so all week end plans changed as one would expect. The weather has been a challenge too in these stressful times but the cria is doing fine. Sliver Moon nickname “slivva”.

Well – Alpacas continue to grow in popularity and all over the world… did you see them on Countryfile?

well although this is posted on Aprils fool, it is a serious advert and to be shown today advertising McVities:

alpaca advert

Alpaca Cria 2015 born 20th March Eclipse

Well we did say we had been busy here and that we had  something exciting to tell you… born on the day of the Eclipse.

Born at 8.6 kg on the day of the Eclipse –  he had to have a name related to the Eclipse so he is called Sliver Moon.

He was two weeks late actually so always cautious before making announcements about new arrivals in these temperatures!!

He is now just a week old and very bold, having gained a kilo in that time and up one size Cria Coat.


simply stunning!



Oliver’s birthday catch up

wow – I cannot believe how long ago Ollies birthday was and I still have not put up the lovely cake photo.

well, backwards from March to February for a moment  here we go:

ollies birthday cake, and visitors galore…


was he not the cutest when he was tiny, well done Mum on the cake..


everybody just is so happy…


Eclipse in March

wow time flies and we have some exceptionally exciting news to reveal but not today!

in the meantime, out on the hill with a camera I managed to catch a couple of shots of the Eclipse





100% Alpaca Spring Collection launch

Well life has been zooming along as usual. Will catch up soon on Ollie’s birthday, Webb Paton seminar, my lucky win of a competition gaining me a new farming machine and much more.

Meantime, introducing one of our new models for 2015, the lovely Hannah will shortly be introducing our new “100% Alpaca spring into Spring 2015” collection…


BAS National over

Wow – time flies and the weather changes for sure. BAS national now over, great plug for it on the One Show. onwards and upwards the Futurity and HOE.

meantime back at the ranch its been toenails, ADE, cleaning out Field shelters and mother constant watch! not to mention some fleece analysing…

some fawn fleece samples

fawn fleeces

and a look at a mix of Natural fleece light colour samples…

white and fawn fleeces

happy birthday sweet … 18

well we have been quiet because we have been hectic. With clients, family, friends and an 18th birthday to be precise.

March is bringing warmth and joy to all, sunny but frosty in certain places but celebrations all round.

not to mention halter training…

halter training

National pending – both British Alpaca Society, HOE and Aintree Grand National


looking in the diary two big events are coming up in the next quarter. The British Alpaca Society National Show closely followed by the Alpaca Futurity… then the Aintree Grand National. Not to mention the Spring Alpaca Heart of England Fiesta.

Meantime the weather is cold, snow, wet, hail you name it but spring is on the way…

Halter training hmmm more like ski – ing lessons at the moment!