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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Last BBQ at Kensmyth Alpaca in the Cotswolds

Sometimes it can be sad to do something for the last time, even if only short lived. If I have blogged on this previously then apologies because my Website has been a bit erratic lately. Anyway, hubby is very good at cooking Hallumi!

No, not moving away, just moving house in 2023 hopefully!

Block and Beam at Kensmyth Alpaca in the Cotswolds

Well life continues with farm work and hedge work and husbandry training as always at this time of year but the wind caught the gate and I damaged a machine for the first time ever having owned it since 2008..

good old gamma tape but I rear a repair is in order.

and Block and Beam inspection for this young lady as the house rises out of the ground on a daily basis..

Queen Elizabeth funeral 2022 – Rest in Peace from all at Kensmyth Alpaca

What words can ever describe the harrowing scenes on this day, the majesty and pomp of a Royal Funeral could not stop the tears flowing for all that was, has been and will be for her family..


from Balmoral

and Westminster

and Windsor

for her beloved Highlands, horses, Fell pony Emma and Corgis.. all over the world..


Cotswold reclamation in the Cotswolds – where else?

Well my husband just takes me to the best places does he not? In search of tiles for the new house being built we ventured to the Cotswold Reclamation Company and what an exciting adventure that was too..

inside and outside just masses of antique everything!

RIP Queen Elizabeth – you are a legend from Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I knew that she had died when the first announcement came and Huw Edwards started talking about her life, it was formality to delay the formal announcement until after the family had arrived at Balmoral. I cried, not just because she was gone and for what we have lost as a country but for what lies ahead and so too for the loss of my Father whose birthday it would have been tomorrow.

Who cares what we think here? The nation mourns as they did for Philip her loving husband and as we did for Diana taken so young.

At her duties, when she was young, as she is now in heaven.. Rest in Peace your Majesty. Long Live the King.


Eating out is a lottery no matter the County especially in the Cotswolds

I have to say we do not get out often but for varying reasons, I had the opportunity to take some people out in the past weeks. The prices in the Cotswolds shook me to the core compared to even Berkshire!

Nice though it was, a restaurant in Somerford Keynes charged £16 for this burger!!

the triple cooked chips were greasy and that was literally all you got!

Back in good old Berkshire, the Shire Horse at Littlewick Green serves you both of these yummy starters for the same price (that is both of them together cost the £16) so I know where I will go next time!

Pate and toast and Salt and Pepper squid – yum yum

September welcome to the Cotswolds bring it on Autumn 2022

I love September above most months of the year because it heralds the Harvest, the crisp of the frost and the onset of the months when relationships can be rekindled and the wildness of the light nights of Summer changes to a warmth that just cold does not invoke in me.

Who knows what weather we will have this September?