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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Oak trees Acorns will fall soon at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Well with all the rain then sun then heat, then rain then sun then heat – Trees are doing most bizarre things this year and the Oaks at Kensmyth are no exception.

Acorns are highly toxic so Alpaca adults and can choke cria so we are keeping a close eye on “action in the trees” in readiness for moving to new pastures away from any acorn falling sooner than previous years..

Fond farewell at Kensmyth Alpaca Clay Meadow

We have a rule at Kensmyth that when it is time for an animal to do a job of work for someone else, we have to say farewell so that they can live a useful life elsewhere. None can keep all they breed and when ponies reach three years old it is time for them to go and learn to be ridden/driven for someone else.

So recently we said a fond farewell to our lane munching miniatures

and wished them well on their way in their new homes together.. beautiful boys ..