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Top gun at Tivoli Cinema in Cheltenham

I have probably posted before about this Cinema but we had the opportunity to see Top Gun recently – what a great film it was originally but how much more I enjoyed this one. And it was not having my feet up either!

Functional need to be on site for Alpaca, Clay Meadow in the Cotswolds

With 15 years of Alpaca breeding under my belt, those who know me and have had training courses know that there will always be the need to be on site for Alpaca breeding. It is not because they mate all year round and you need to keep them separate, it is not because they need toenail trimming, innoculations, veterinary care and everything else you can think of, it is not because they do not go into the shelters despite having them.. it is because they need attention all the time.

If you do not know your alpaca you will never know when something is not right and by the time you notice it is usually going to be too late.

Going out to work and coming back to find dead females dying during birthing and dead cria due to the inclement weather is something I have read so often on the usual Social Media sites that it makes my stomach churn for those poor animals. Shame on you breeders who sold to people not living on site and/or without the appropriate livestock experience.

This year we had late dysmature cria, on time cria and stuck cria – you name it.

One of them was a bit of a bloodbath and required a lot of attention 24/7 for two weeks to get to the stage where I was happy all was going to be okay.

I have handled most of the unusual births in my time – leg or legs back, breach, knees forward, you name it but this time it was two legs to the side of the head and now way was she coming out without my assistance.

Despite being ten days late she still had floppy ears and dysmature feet and she definitely needed cleaning thoroughly as did Mum but I managed to assist without any tears which is always a relief.

Amazing creatures alpacas – but you need to be there for your livestock!


you would not believe such a shaky start to this little girl if you saw her now for sure!

Hooray up she rises – cria in the Cotswolds at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

It is so funny when folk ask me if I am still breeding and/or going to retire – I just say read my blog do I look like I am going to? I have been breeding Alpaca now since 2007 and the cria just get better year on year and we are one of the few “originals” – but my heart is always in my mouth when birthing is upon us because despite a vet background and decades experience, there is always so much that can go wrong. But not this one – another storm baby!

besties from the start – cracking girl too

horse riding accidents increase – is it any surprise really ??

I have to tell you that as a rider myself I am really shocked at how surprised some riders are when they have an accident. I was behind these two keeping my distance as they gossiped away, barely visible as you can see. They clearly did not like me not overtaking and waved me passed on a blind bend several times – obviously I did not overtake – but failed to make any effort to move over. Come on folks – give the cars a chance!