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BCF Pregnancy scanner for sale at Kensmyth collection only

For Sale – Alpaca Pregnancy Probe Scanner – BCF

Just scan confirmed our girls pregnant. Don’t wait for a year – find out with this straight away if your girls are pregnant or not!

This scanner with Lube can be used with headset and someone holding, adding remote monitor so all can see the results.

Easy to use – charge batteries before use and away you go – just need someone to hold the Alpaca for you!

Has been excellent system for us here at Kensmyth.

Duoscan D Module

3.5 MHz BCF 2T Probe

probe web


10 inch  Remote Monitor and Monitor carry bag

Headset visual attachment with backpack holder


headset web

Brand new charger

Spare original two batteries AND two brand new batteries

Manuals and dvd instructions etc


Email me for price and further details.

shearing of a different kind

wow, wow – how time flies… I cannot believe it is that long since I last blogged. Catch up – crazy here as usual with field management, ADE jabs starting (weather not great for sunlight is it) toenails, pregnancy scanning, you name it.

Will do more when I have a moment but the dog is not great either at the moment and on antibiotics still so no news there.

meantime to keep you laughing, I managed to get Ollie to have a haircut – reckon I could have made a jumper from that lot!


just look at the size of the pile compared to the chair base!


and even grumpy and looking into the sun…so good looking and smart now…


Alpaca Classic – missed

well things conspired against us in the last two weeks and the best laid plans went … upside down!!

world upside down

First of all I had booked tickets to the Alpaca classic for the Suri event on the Friday, Huacaya sale on Saturday and all seminars. I had planned we went and had a really good Alpaca catch up with long distance friends whilst learning so much. it went well and Alpacas sold for around £17k plus Vat without us…

I was hospitalised the week before with one of those “never, not you, really?!!” situations but all fine now, my father was extremely unwell and is improving, my car broke down needing a new starter motor which has now been replaced and the dog had a nose bleed which has to date lasted 3 days… meantime, life on a farm goes on in the sunshine after the rain!

fruit picking 1

its a fantastic year for sloes too…