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Monthly Archives: November 2023

new track now settled at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow Alpaca

ok – so we had a new track done not once but twice. now it has settled can you see what is wrong with it? not sure if I should put the name of the Contractor who did it up here?


As my husband says – more effective for slowing down traffic than speed bumps..

New tracks groundworks at Clay Meadow, Kensmyth alpaca

When I said we have been busy, it was not a joke. With ADE jabs, toenail cutting, hedge cutting, we also have had new groundworks done to the tracks to all buildings and potential buildings. Taking over two weeks in challenging weather, finally completed.


Amazing it is November and an amazing photo off Facebook

I am amazed it is November already, time is passing so quickly these days! Storms are battling the UK and it is really hard for those in areas that flood. My Mother said to always buy at the top of the hill and I am so glad we did but that does not stop the heartbreak for others.

So to welcome November, I took this off Facebook, I believe done by someone in the Cotswolds but if I am wrong, I can only acknowledge the amazing skill of whoever did this beautiful carving into a WATERMELON!