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Films for wet days or too hot days from Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well I have seen all of the following except Aquaman and would recommend them all as good viewing bar Bohemian Rhapsody… sorry but it was my era and I just don’t think it does him justice… hot days and wet day viewing when youre knitting and weaving LOL firm favourite Fishermans friends!

foodies at the seaside

well we popped to see a friend at the seaside recently and the restaurant bar at the beach matched up to some very smart restaurants indeed …



Hornets nests and guard dogs at Kensmyth Clay Meadow

ever stepped into a hornets nest and wished you had a guard dog to rescue you?

Well I do…

there are some really mean and nasty looking hornets around and my dog rescues me by eating them – theres a thought…

these are European hornets with a nasty sting… meantime im just being bitten by Horseflies which for those of you who don’t know… don’t have to have horses to have them!

pregnancies going on for 2020 confirmed

well we are pleased to say all 4 mares are pregnant for 2020 which is always a relief! so pleased with this years First ever Draught foal born at Kensmyth, we went right back and used the same stallion this year – marvellous.



Birthing mania and pregnancy spit offs

well as birthing continues not only here but across the UK its also lamb separation time so the bleating of the lambs is quite loud… and quite sad really. As a Farmer I know they will be ready for Christmas – oh that word oops.

quick look see for newbie Alpaca owners… which one of these has just given birth and which is about to LOL


Places only we know…

well you know how it is and sometimes there are places that only memories can take you. Thanks to a friend on baby watch my brother and I made the long journey up north for the last farewell to our Uncle who died on June 13th.

it was a lovely ceremony very well attended with his granddaughters speaking and friends of the family – a great send off and a beautiful “wake” afterwards at the home of my cousin.

I am not sure we were too awake on the drive home but thanks to NFU for insuring my brother to drive my “tractor” as he calls it.

only the family know where these beautiful flowers are and it is in a very quiet place… RIP


hilarious antics at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well the Draught foal has been entertaining visitors a plenty… with his antics trying to reach around his ever so long legs to get to the grass. He finally managed it then gave up and lay down LOL. He can now easily reach over a 4ft 6 gate if you are wondering… and boy is he cheeky!