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Winter jobs at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I have been busy writing essays during the night and early hours but daytime farming jobs continue. Anything that is labour saving is a bonus and I am delighted that the clear wire system we have here giving full visibility of all stock, adapts easily to a one rope electric fence easily removed for when we move our variety of quadrupeds from paddock to paddock in our rotational grazing system….

the Alpaca just watch at our antics as the ropes are rethreaded or removed when not in use – no loose ropes here  LOL

Peachy feeling at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Have you seen THE advert on TV using a variety of fruit in order to sell a certain type of cream for your body?

well, this Plum did make me laugh – sorry – through everything going on in our lives we have to keep a sense of humour don’t we?

Keeprs at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow – Alpacatherapy

somebody once said to me way back in 2007 that “there will always be Alpaca you will never sell” and over the years I have learned this, the hard way. Sometimes you keep back the best to keep producing the best and sometimes you are made offers you should not have refused.

This year some of my Alpaca friends an Breeders experienced a horrendous breeding season, I consider that we were lucky and lost only one female to an unavoidable uterine torsion, sadly carrying a female cria.

So when I let visitors “feel” how much empathy you can get from an Alpacas genuine friendliness, it is not surprising that we have so many repeat customers is it? LOL

Disaster Recovery at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow – not here, not mine officer!

well we have had a fun time here at Kensmyth with commandeering sheep rescues in the early hours but not my escapees. I only helped. thanks to those drivers in the middle of the night who formed human barriers!

Those of you who regularly read my blog have unsurprisingly been curious so please heed this warning –


Not my horse and not here, a Draught Colt foal belonging to someone else caught me on the back of the leg recently. Difficult place to heal so when went septic stitches removed but too soon and open wound and hobbling with bone chip, hopefully now on the mend.

Did I stop work? Me? Absolutely not,  but I have to thank the owner of the Colt for her quick tourniquet, my husband for prompt driving to A & E and the NHS for their care… and again for Kirstie the Shearer who stepped in to assist LOL Bless

There is no keeping a good Farming Girl down

Amazing Cria fleeces Kensmyth Alpaca August 2018 Wow

Big thank you to Kirstie for popping over to help out recently as I was on one foot well, another story but Cria fleece inspection after husbandry for the whole herd at this site was breathtaking – see for yourself…

there is not a single cria between our two sites that we are not immensely proud of … so I told the Mums to tell them too!

Alpaca crazy Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well we have had visitors galore and loads going on as usual. thank you to all friends who have assisted and continue to assist since my slight mishap which will be revealed later for those not so squeamish – meantime the show must go on LOL