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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Happy Halloween at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I thought with this year being so different due to Covid and with so few folk venturing outside for Halloween (yes I do know it is tomorrow) – I thought I would just share a beautiful picture from my recent London trip which I felt captured Autumn, Halloween and the beauty of how life really is..

Alpaca Rugs at Kensmyth

Always doing new things here at Kensmyth and our new rugs available now for Christmas are no exception.. just beautiful natural Alpaca..

take your pick, they weigh 2kg for posting and packing folks !

Count your blessings in 2020, Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

In a Pandemic crisis in and out of Lockdown with no idea what the future holds for anyone at all, I read a blog of a friend of mines daughter about how her 2020 was “made” by the birth of her baby boy. It humbled me and brought me to tears because I too feel like that.. whatever happens in the rest of the year, the best thing for my son and his wife and all of us is the birth of my first granddaughter..

London visit in Pandemic

I felt the need to visit my beautiful granddaughter and this time it was not so rushed. Possibly for the last time I looked upon the great “London town” as it is now rather than as it was, quite lonely I felt, Tourism down and streets empty, with Police on horseback nevertheless..

Time out at Kensmyth Alpaca and Llama, Clay Meadow

My Mum says my Llama should get a mention so there you go Mum. We do not use the Llama for walking often because I am training them my way and they are working so well I simply hate sharing them! But I do love walking the Alpaca regularly by myself around the farm in Winter time when every livestock member gets to see old relatives (daughters, sons etc) and old friends and new..

Llama and alpaca at Clay Meadow

Microchipping Alpaca

Sometimes we put chips in behind the ears, sometimes into the neck and sometimes behind the elbow along the chest – checking for chip retention is a bi annual occurrence here at Kensmyth to ensure all livestock remains Microchipped at all times. 

and teeth can require attention too..

Llama drama week at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Sometimes there are weeks where you wish you were anything but human. With my 89 year old poor Dad down with Shingles for goodness sakes on top of everything else and Completions failing to happen, orders being delivered incorrectly or not at all – STOP – don’t you just want to stop all the Drama and be a Llama?