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Everybody counts at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well with Covid 19 ensuring those non fitness people gather a few pounds in the lockdown months to work off in the rest of this Summer, isnt it nice to find someone who doesnt even count on the “horseometer”LOL

no, seriously Daisy only measures about 34.5 inches at best and will top out under 36 inches bless her. Even my top of the range horse measuring stick on flat concrete starts too high to even count her in – gorgeous!

Temperatures Soar at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow 2020 as we hit 32 degree sunshine

good job the alpaca have fleece that cools as well as warms but please remember CRIA must be able to reach the water and get into the shade or they will quickly die of dehydration ..

here are some of ours enjoying the sunshine before dashing back to their Des Res accommodation LOL


and not forgetting befriending our latest additions (coats off when dry folks)

Storm Warning at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow 2020

Well i dont know what possessed my Alpaca to decide to have her cria in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm at teat time when she could have waited a few days – she must have had her reasons. Third stunning cria but instead of being calm and dry and cool, nope it was stair rods and about 7 degrees.

so quick move to mobile field shelters from outside and a very long night. I literally spent the night in the field shelter so excuse the photos, there was no way i could move in those stair rods to the barn.


Bit rocky to start with ever ready Lambs colostrum required and St Helens full cream Goats milk



but after a week of tlc for mum and cria with a friend and her cria to keep her company,

a happy new start and back out with her friends. and her cria is just stunning LOL worth the wait.


the show must go on at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well some Vets held back on Inseminating mares so not that many will be born next year. A hat off to our Vets who persevered throughout and we are hoping this little lady holds it. unfortunately a yellow UFO tried to sabotage this pregnancy so we are anxiously awaiting the outcome.. look away if you are embarrassed or squeamish



Really good motility so fingers crossed she stays pregnant.

LAMBIVAC the argument goes on at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well, I am a great believer in “if it aint broke why fix it” theories but more importantly if your land or Alpaca don’t physically have something, why vaccinate for it? simply carry on doing faecal tests and watch for weather and ground changes. This is in reference to Fly Strike or Fluke for example.

However, in the Alpaca world of breeding there is always the debate of Lambivac versus “the next best thing”.. we have only EVER used Lambivac in accordance with instructions so Cria (Alpaca babies) are vaccinated at three weeks and correct instalments thereafter until annually.

no issues in the land? no changes? no faecal issues? why change what you use if it works and causes no issues ?

so LAMBIVAC it is for Alpaca at Kensmyth.

Just chilling out in the sunshine Alpaca at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Every visitor to our farm is in awe of the Draughts for their sheer size and the minis for their tiny horse perfection but we are an Alpaca farm


and nobody can resist our beautiful stunning quality Alpaca and their babies.. whom we have to watch carefully day and night at all times in these ever changing weather conditions..

        mind my head Mum!


Kensmyth Perugia and Kensmyth Captain Drizzle at Kensmyth, rare Draughts

one has to admire the old fashioned rare breeds at all times, I wish more people were willing to save them, sadly they do not conform to modern day requirements as Tractors and cars have replaced them.

Here at Kensmyth we are striving to keep the old breeds going..

Kensmyth Perugia had his first birthday on June 7th – he is HUGE..


and his full brother Drizzle is following in his footsteps..