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Monthly Archives: January 2017

somebodys looking at you boy!

Well January is always the time to start tidying up for the start of the “new year farming” and taking a fresh look at what you have planned for the year. Kensmyth  have now been breeding Alpaca for nearly Ten years and we had exciting plans for our “Ten Year Celebrations” at Clay Meadow next year which needed organisation throughout this year. One thing is for sure… time is passing really quickly and we will get there soon enough.

Meantime – as we strive to be the best we can – whose watching who these days I wonder?


amazing mother nature still providing in depths of winter

sometimes you just take a picture in an area you are not using and it surprises you – this one reminded me of everything provided by mother nature lasting – these apples fell months ago but are still providing feed for Nature. oh, and it looked like a witches hat too

Boy this Baby grew quickly…

We make them tall at Kensmyth with the average height in our family being 6ft and the tallest 6ft 4.5 inches but my little niece is growing quickly… attending her Christening recently…


but hats off to my Mum for making the Christening cake – absolutely gorgeous – well done Mum!!

Did you miss me?

we have been frenetically busy here in readiness for the wet weather and cold coming – yes, the true English January is well under way… in fact some of the sheep watching straw being loaded in readiness for lambing later in the year wondered if we had forgotten their tea…