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lazy hazy days of Summer 2016

somebody once said to me that it is not the first time that you remember doing something but the last time, I am not sure. We always enjoy our warm days by the River, as our visitors do too… not to mention our furry friends…


orchard fruit going mad

we are so pleased with the Orchard we planted in 2012. It cost a lot of money at the time but we planned always to make pickles, jams and chutneys for our Farm visitors at the outset.  on advice from a Professional Supplier, we planted umpteen different varieties of Apples – baking and eating, plum varieties, cherries, pears… you name it. To this end we even planted Walnut trees which historically take up to 10 years to yield any decent crops for Pickled Walnuts – how is that for long term planning?

orchard apples 3 orchard 1 plums orchard pears 2

Barn finally finished

our new Barn is finally ready for the Wet Winter forecast ahead. The boys have been checking it out, along with photos of themselves as previously…


Birthday boy 18

well it has been a long time again since I have blogged but it has been hectic here. no seriously, the weather changes have meant many Farming tasks were put back or brought forward and to catch up with news will take a while.

meantime, going back to a previous blog – it takes a lot to fill up these lads with the shortest being 6ft 2 inches tall…

  • in case you are wondering it is a photo taken outside the “Chinese Experience” All you can Eat!

GEOFF AND BOYS CHINESE and that is just three of the boys!

Countryfile Live 2016 – thanks to The Natural Fibre Company

well I am so far behind on blogging folks, it will take a while to catch up so bear with me! Lets start catching up with a recent event attended – The Countryfile Live show.

First of I would like to thank my friends at The Natural Fibre Company who product our yarn for us, as they gave us complimentary tickets. Fantastic yarn we have had from our Alpaca Fleeces through this company since 2008.

so here are a few piccies taken on an iPhone from that event:

CF1 web CF2 web CF3 web CF4 web CF4 web CF5 web CF6 web CF7 web CF8 web lake