Alpaca & Muscovy

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well that is a funny title from William Shakespeare I hear you say? Nay, it is a reminder of this time of year to our friends who have booked Alpaca experiences with us that “the boys are back in town”… but what on earth does that mean? It simply means that the boys have finished on our Summer paddocks and are moved back closer to the farmstead for their time for fun with people which they love.

well, it is also a reminder hence “lend me your ears” that I am not going to “bury Caesar” but to remind Alpaca owners that with ground conditions wet underfoot and minus temperatures that the boys testicles can literally stick to the ground in such freezing conditions and well, when they stand up does not bear thinking about!

Time to change fields, rotate and rest the paddocks …

So for the sake of the boys, Alpaca padded feet and your backs carrying water any great distance (down long acres to fill buckets) – get them in at night during this cold snap and in wet conditions this winter!

So why the first part – as you choke on your Gin and Tonic and your eyes pop out on stalks – because we use the stud boys in the later parts of the year for Alpaca handling with friends and family – and the odd promised walk for those wishing to brave the elements!

Alpaca stud boys can weigh up to 17 stone depending on size and so are not often used for walking unless by Adults or those used to handling livestock due to their sheer size – ours are and – they love it – whose next?