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Monthly Archives: October 2019

trailer for sale at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well we didn’t actually use this, just got its electrics up together and ready to roll. oldie but a goodie. 12ft livestock trailer for sale with partitions adjusted to retain miniature pony if used as portable stable – what else?

Little things mean a lot at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Sometimes in life you have to say goodbye to things and people that you really don’t want to and it was a very sad day when we sold these two little mares but they have gone to a super home where they will be shown and appreciated as much as we did…

A bit like X factor… in no particular order memories of their time with us…

jobs i soooo wouldnt want at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well when the rain comes, it causes all sorts of problems but they need fixing quickly.

heights not being my forte, this was not one on my Bucket List of jobs I would like to do in the rain…

don’t forget to clear your gutters for leaves folks

Memorial service for our dear Mother

Regular readers will recall that hubby lost his Mother and me a Mother in law as well as Grandmother to the children about 9 weeks ago.

Well bless her she was not religious at all and didn’t believe in God or attend Church and donated her body to Science. She didn’t like fuss at all so we kept the Memorial very simple and it was simply beautiful. we received so many phone calls the next day saying how beautiful it was, I think she would have been pleased.

In her memory we are installing a Rose Garden and attendees donated Rose bushes in pots rather than cut flowers – here are a few… Rest in Peace Mother.

Tunnel Inn at Coates – Kensmyth highly recommends

With several of us losing dear ones or close to it as my friend is, what better way to cheer a friend up than try a new restaurant again?

I took clients back in 2018 to the Tunnel Inn at Coates but knowing it had changed Chef, what an amazing difference and day we had too… not quite sure about the presentation of the sticky toffee pudding but all Yum – marvellous

Mr Blue Sky

Well with all the wet weather and dreary faces, I thought this might cheer you up – Mr Blue Sky


Magic Moments at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Sometimes when you look back at breeding, you have such special memories and this one is of my youngest son with a Kensmyth homebred colt and filly from 1999 …

the colt turning coat just as our beautiful Draught Colt has turned into today…

only he is much bigger of course !