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Nearly shearing time at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I am often asked why you need Field Shelters for Alpaca and why will not just hedges do? Well the answer lies in many different scenarios according to the location of your fields in the UK. Combine this with almost zero lanolin in the fleece and you will find that Alpaca die of hypothermia (cold) in the Winter when wet and cold in outdoor often windy conditions and of hyperthermia (heat) in Summer (and in last few years Spring early heatwaves and Autumnal late Indian Summers) .. so Field shelters are ESSENTIAL to protect from the wet/cold/wind and the heat/sun and provide shade.

It is true that white Alpaca will tend to stay outside until in the heaviest of fleeces (think of white clothes and white cars being cooler) but they too need shelter all year round. They will choose what suits them best.

Especially when hot prior to shearing, it is essential for heavily fleeced Alpaca to be able to get out of the heat and into the cool. Paddling pools are all very well but will not replace the shade of shelter when the sun burns down.

Every field has a shelter or two at Kensmyth.

Reflect on Nature in 2021 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Last year at this point you could not hear a voice, a car, an aeroplane and the wonder of the white blossom whiter than snow and pinker than a flamingo – boy is it different this week with the world reawakening.. I wonder how long those not wearing masks and flocking for the beauty spots will take before they cause us to be shut down again?


new beginnings at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow Equine Rare Breed Draughts..

I know it is the funeral today but I feel that new beginnings of a foal due are appropriate to remember him by.. he loved horses and so it is fitting that our Draught due not too long now should show her tummy and make you laugh, instead of dwelling on what will be “the” funeral remembered for years to come going on in the real world.. our beloved mare is jet black.. God Bless and let us hope the funeral goes without incident in such troubled times..

Alpaca longest lashes ever at Kensmyth Clay Meadow

I have decided not to cut my Alpacas eyelashes thus far but I fear I may have to soon.. longest ever this year between shearing. They come off at shearing of course which is next month folks!

just look to the left.. that is her left of course not yours..

and look to the right..

if you cannot see them, this helpful piece of grass end almost points to the end of her lashes lol!