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The show must go on – funky haircuts no more

Well – as featured in the British Alpaca Society magazine this quarter, Kensmyth ten year celebrations continue but the funky hairstyles were removed just before the heatwave. the male shearers who did it and wanted to remain nameless did a sterling job.

Kirstie – a UK lady shearer who sheared our girls this year, came back just before the heatwave and removed the funky styles as always planned so that the boys could enjoy the hot summer. well, the wet hot summer! thank you to everyone involved with the celebration of Alpaca this year and our Ten year celebrations!


Hartpury – the Agricultural and Equine place to be

we were lucky enough to be invited to Hartpury recently to watch Rebecca represent Great Britain in the dressage – absolutely amazing riding, spectacular, so beautiful and elegant to watch.

We spent quite a while watching the less abled riders starting their journey to Dressage fame in the indoor arenas and I was inspired, really moved. Literally marvellous dedication and determination, we met several riders in wheelchairs before they rode and the lump in my throat in admiration for them was there all day. It was definitely not just the dust in my eyes from the raking of the arena!

But – ┬áthat is a very big horse you have there Geoffrey!

Lull before the storm at Kensmyth

In life there are many sayings and the one I favour is “count your blessings” which was my Grandmothers favourite. Sometimes people make it very difficult to do this and it causes immense stress.

As we approach another whirlwind of stressful times ahead – literally with the weather, sometimes it is time to get “off the treadmill” and take a break to look at the beauty around you…


and before you ask – NO she does not go on the treadmill, she just likes lying on it occasionally!

wow time flies – it has now been 10 years at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Please note that for all up to date action at Kensmyth – please read our ALPACA BLOG on this site.

Amazing how time flies here at Kensmyth. We have celebrated our ten year milestone of breeding Alpaca and have now been at Clay Meadow for 5 years – imagine that. Flying in the face of adversity – lets take a quick look back…

Lister Wilder at Kensmyth

massive thanks to the boys at Lister Wilder for fixing the Massey! Lister Wilder are a fantastic company from whom we have purchased all our Kubota and who have serviced our machines since our old farm in 2007 – well done boys – lets keep it local!