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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Car essentials when things go wrong

Well those of you following will know good old faithful the Landcruiser finally packed up and was replaced with a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport. Well, for a while at least!

I do not know if this was a “Friday afternoon car” for those of you old enough to remember or not but making a noise like a tractor is not a “normal” diesel engine sound.

You know it is not right when you have to go out and buy a breakdown car essentials kit for a 2021 vehicle!

that is a tool kit, triangles, jump leads, tow rope and warming blankets!

After 5 days in the garage made up of three separate visits one instinctively knew something was not right!

Mothers Day at Kensmyth Alpaca in the Cotswolds

Well with dreary wet weather, cold, wind and sometimes hail you have to wonder at the sanity of those people who mated so early last year that cria are being born now.. unless coated and barned, few will survive.

Happy thoughts for Mothers Day for everyone though with big smiley faces – so cute!

March 2024 comes in with a roar at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow in the Cotswolds

I spoke too soon, the weather continued with gales and heavy rain and more floods but what a difference a day makes and when the sunshine comes out!

The daffodils proudly showing off the (finally) latest Kensmyth farm vehicle.

Sorry folks, if you are expecting shiny sports car or treny Volvo XC90’s – look them up and see that they will not tow the skin off a rice pudding!

A farm vehicle needs to tow and one is being fitted shortly and this has the boot space required for carrying sheep and alpaca in the back too!