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A room with a view…

I think I would like the view from my neighbours house, actually, it is a long way away but you can just see the edge behind the green polytunnel… but just look and see who they can see!

room with a view


There is wonder in most everything I see, not a cloud in the sky…

well I do feel sorry for those folks coming on holiday here this june that is for sure. We have cancelled quite a few Alpaca walks as, well, no one wants to get THAT wet do they!

meantime… the Carpenters song always cheers you up… ok there were some clouds I admit!

carpenters 2           carpenters 1

not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes,                   there is wonder in most everything I see


The Circle of Life – correctly positioned Number 3

With a gestation period of 11.5 months and often going longer, little wonder that mating is a continually matter in an Alpaca farm.  Unfortunately newbie Alpaca owners are not often aware that there are a variety of reasons why a cria might not arrive the following year… the main one being that a correct mating never took place in the first instance!

Here is hoping the following give a clue as to how to know when action really is going on!

would you expect a result if the couple remained like this?

mating 1

or if the couple remained like this?

mating 2

or if they remained like this?

mating 3

Remember , the Alpaca is an induced ovulator.


celebrating the Queens Birthday at Kensmyth

right then – we are miles behind but the wet weather is giving rise to a little more catch up time, where were we?

Queens Birthday. Yes, what a great occasion that was and in true farming fashion, we celebrated…

with a cake!

queens birthday 1 queens birthday 2 queens birthday 3 queens birthday 4

testing male Alpaca testicles – yes I do mean testicles

many readers will recall a hilarious blog I did from the British Alpaca Society National Show where a certain Judge (male) was caught on camera with the (unlucky) job of judging the male Alpaca testicle sizes for the Championship…

Well, with shearing out of the way it is a good time to see who is Show quality with the right “size kit” –

just a few examples …

testing testicles 1 testing testicles 2


just perfect for the Alpaca Stud male to be!

every dog has its day…

keen readers of this blog know that I do not use my dogs name – my last dog died so that is okay but to have a dogs name on its collar is asking for trouble with so many thieves about. .. With it being law to be microchipped now, far better surely to have “MICROCHIPPED” and your own mobile number on it?

It is better to have your mobile of course because if you are visiting someone out of your area, the person finding the dog (stolen/lost/escaped) will be confused if your telephone number is (for example) Newbury area code and you happen to be at the seaside in Wales on holiday!

The other serious consideration is that if your dog IS lost or stolen or escaped and you have its name on it, if someone takes a fancy to it, it will immediately respond to them. If you “find” it months later, difficult to prove its yours (if NOT microchipped) if it responds to its “new” owner.

just a thought folks!

meantime – mine keeps growing – now doing the farm jobs!



“Flies are a nuisance but bugs are worse…” Fairy Liquid rules…

tiny little flies usually black (black fly) and bugs n slugs etc really “go for it” in the orchard at this time of year so out comes the Fairy Liquid. Yes, what a versatile little number that invention is. used in many farming applications it is also apparently good for the hands … well, if you do the washing up that is!

spraying off the Orchard 2016…

spray orchard spray orchard 2

weather the UK weather in farming

well we have been busy as usual but the weather is something else. I have said it before and I will say it again – WHAT do we pay the weathermen/women for please? Apparently – please correct me – all Weather channels use the same Satellite access so HOW can they get it so wrong between channels… and WHY when they look outside their windows, do they not correct what they have written previously and update it?

here are some examples of how different forecasts are, thank goodness we are not making hay this year!

6 june WEB weather dot com 6th june acc weather 6th june weather dot com 6tjune WEB acc weather 8th june weather