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Services cracking on at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I don’t know about you but I am pretty fed up with endless rain obviously but I am also fed up with the dog drowning size crater like holes in the roads.

What a great time for Thames Water to decide to install a new metre, sorry folks for the non working traffic lights outside our property holding you up they erected in order to do this..

that was okay BUT I have just received a letter basically giving us a CURFEW from 7pm to 7 am whereby no cars will be able to go down the Cirencester road – even to their properties – whilst they fix the road.. really?

so late night workers have to park their car up the road and walk home tired and no doubt wet???

Llama Drama at Tescos, Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

well I had seen photos of these cakes from LLama friends but I had not seen one up close until I saw one in Tescos. What an interesting debate that started by my dear hubby.

A couple looking at this cake saying how cute it was and hubby pipes up “its not a LLama its an Alpaca” – well that raised the obvious and often repeated questions as to what the differences are between LLama and Alpaca as they are of course, both from the Camelid family.

I am not going to go into the differences here but suffice to say that a LLama has larger ears than this Alpaca cake portrays LOL

January 2020 at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow – Happy New Year

Well as we watched the Fireworks on the TV in London at Midnight, welcoming in the New Year 2020, a friend had texted me a photo that gave me the fits of the giggles this morning..

Daisy (infamous for the Sunset shot) one of our oldest Alpaca was standing waiting with her mini charges to be fed



and it reminded me of the photo I had received:

She was obviously waiting for her drinks to be served LOL


Enjoy the changes 2020 will bring everyone! Happy New Year!



Happy New Year 2020 to all from Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

It is that time of year when I look back over it and contemplate the good times and bad times we have had. This year has been a very successful one business wise for Kensmyth but on a personal level a very sad and difficult one so I decided to let the livestock take over this year and this is what they said..

   The road ahead may be long and difficult

  but you must never look back only forward..  the first steps will be the most difficult but with a little help from your friends its always easier..

  There are no problems that cannot be overcome with a little effort and lateral thinking..

as each day will always bring a fresh start and a new beginning..

  and a problem shared is a problem halved.. so count your blessings..


Wishing all our friends, family and clients a

Happy New Year

from all at Kensmyth





All I want rid of after Christmas is my two front teeth, Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

A slight variation on the original theme of “All I want for Christmas” I know but our stunning Black filly is teething and as with all horses, teeth should be checked regularly,

her mouth is clear and she felt so much better after naturally losing her teeth over Christmas.

they are just over an inch long by about half an inch wide and over half an inch deep to give you some idea – these are her caps which are meant to come off naturally which they did by themselves unaided.

Christmas pressies at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow 2019

I am always so grateful for any gifts I receive and especially those handmade or taken so much thought over.. this year one of my clients sent me these which was hilarious, thank you so much..

but Mum sent me the only plain chocolates I will eat which are Palma Violet creams – not for everyone but reminiscent of the Parma Violets one bought in twizzle tubes as a child – so beautifully presented, thank you

im sure it must be eating these as children in the Eighties that set the trend for eating flowers in restaurants today – now theres a thought!

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