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Autumn appears at Kensmyth Alpaca Clay Meadow 2023

We have seen some very beautiful beaches on our Pembrokeshire road trip for sure and Whitesands are just that, totally unspoilt beaches in Wales but on a misty morning there is nothing like the view we have at Clay Meadow from the top of the hill in the early morning..

Pembrokeshire road trip by Kensmyth continues: Narbeth, Tenby, St Davids..

Round and round and up and down the Pembrokeshire Coast we went.. from Cirencester to St Davids, all round the coast and visiting the coves and beaches..


Narberth was pretty with quaint shops and an interesting parking system by some which rather annoyed the lorry driver..

Tenby was beautiful but very busy and not an Ice Cream stall open at the time..


and Saundersfoot and Laugharne Castle.. Amroth and Solva all muddled for you to find..

I have to say I think the fishing boat at Laugharne has not moved since I visited in 2020 and the amount of caravans going from here to Amroth is a scary number going up the hillside looking at the beaches now.

Judging cria fleeces from the outside colour is the wrong way – Kensmyth Alpaca

When you look at an alpaca it is easy to think it is the colour of the fleece you see on the exterior but that is not the case. Cria often catch breeders out in this way because the amniotic fluid colours the external fleece creating a tipping look and then the growth from the skin itself can change dramatically too.. see how you get on..

  the outside colour..


The inside colours and then different at the skin..

easy when you know how..

Alpaca spotting Pembrokeshire Road trip – Kensmyth Alpaca

Well we had to go to Pembrokeshire and with all the advertising, it was a trip down memory lane for my Mother. Not sure she realised it would be 750 miles in 3 days though.. LOL.. definitely took its toll on the Landcruiser with those hills..

First stop Broad Haven and on to Dale and Picton Point and Newgale and so on and on.. see where you recognise?


Picton Point below then onto Dale where The Griffin charged £60 for an interesting lobster and £30 for half – not quite the Lobster Thermadour Mum was looking for!


Really odd to drive that far and be served water from Harrogate too!