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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Shearing Alpacas at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

and so it continues with 3 days of shearing the different herd groups to get through the numbers and a full day to prepare… more girl power though – great stuff! The stud boys still have at 9 years old too!



just look at those fleeces still

Kensmyth Alpaca azure skies and farm with a view

As temperatures soared to 25 degrees again the blues of the skies are a sight to behold… air balloons seeming almost to land at Lock House and aircraft looking like they are caught in our wires let alone the barns… tut tut too low




shedding and shearing and bagging up at Kensmyth

well if you noticed our absence (you did) we blitzed to Italy for a sneaky weekend away before shearing, mating and birthing starts… (more on that another time)  meantime in great anticipation of the first ever draught foal to be born at Kensmyth we are bagging up…


and in anticipation of the Alpaca being shorn (must be done annually folks) the ponies are assisting too…

Alpaca Clients and Friends at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

catching up with friends and new clients at Kensmyth it has been crazy here at Kensmyth with shearing looming and everyone wanting to see their potential purchases in full fleece, marvellous…

words cannot express the joy we feel when folk first meet our fabulous Alpaca…


even the blokes fall in love…



Badminton and returning clients at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well we missed Badminton due to being soo busy but it was lovely that we were able to welcome so many returning clients. Pre shearing which is coming up soon, you can see the fantastic density on our Alpaca – Yum !



getting ready for shearing at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

you know when the Alpaca start “sham drinking” where they are just dipping their chins into the water to keep cool, its shearing time … nearly!


look at these … best to take off the worst to prevent sore chins by the way… remember the shearers wont shear wet Alpaca