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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Rare Draught mares getting bigger at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

it is quite difficult to photograph the expanding tummies of Alpaca when they are in nearly a years worth of fleece, try it yourself and you will see.

however, as a beacon on the hill like the famous “White Horse” there is NO hiding the expanding tummy on this beautiful rare breed Draught mare.

having retained her stunning colt foal from last year now a yearling, he had such presence at birth we immediately had her put in foal to the same stallion by Artificial insemination. We eagerly anticipate her full Draught foal for this year. But plenty of Alpaca births to happen before that but she IS big..

Flystrike warning and horseflies – Spring has sprung at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well I did say farming continues as best as it can as usual and the flies are out in force. swarms of tiny bugs not dissimilar to Thunder flies (they will descend soon too) and walking into them in the spring sunshine means I have swallowed a few too LOL.

meantime the Horsefly bites have been keeping me up at night.. oh joy

even frozen peas didn’t touch this one!

Sunrise, Sunset at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow – farming life goes on

in a world where we have been wondering if we will be able to keep on accessing feed for ourselves let alone our livestock, some hope for the future.. because life really does go on.. watch the sunrise and feel hope

and as the sun sets on many things and sadly many lives, so too will it rise again

stay safe




Alpaca Walking, husbandry courses, training at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I have received far more calls since Schools were shut on Friday for Alpaca walking, husbandry courses, training etc that are always booked long in advance here anyway. I am struggling to understand folk who think that amidst a UK shut down Pandemic they can just book an Alpaca Walk for their family as if nothing is amiss!!

We have already notified booked clients but this is a polite notice to say:

Kensmyth is currently closed for all Alpaca walking, husbandry courses, training courses, Club visits, Alpaca experiences and any other event that we normally take bookings for here on site.

Kensmyth also advise that we will not be giving any “Alpaca talks” at any off site meetings until this Pandemic is truly over.

We are taking bookings as usual but only on the basis of absolutely NO GUARANTEE of dates for this year on the basis that these will ONLY go ahead once the Pandemic is truly over and it is safe to do so and AFTER all other clients already booked have been fulfilled.

Thank you for your understanding at this tragic time.





Happy Mothers Day in Isolation all over the world

Happy Mothers Day to my Mum and all Mums all over the world in isolation and scared for their own lives and lives of their loved ones.

What could bring a smile to your face more than a Curly Coated Retriever enjoying itself..

and the knowledge it isn’t YOU who has to clear up the muddy paws after – xxx

Self Isolation at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow – Corona Virus 2020

I did not seriously believe the madness in the world until recently. Self isolation and social distancing – elderly the most vulnerable. Well that has changed now – EVERYONE is vulnerable – please don’t kid yourself.

but I did have to laugh when I saw the ONLY unsold items were the “eco friendly” ones.