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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Animal welfare DEFRA at Clay Meadow Kensmyth Alpaca

Having been the first in the Counties in 2018 to obtain our Defra Animal Welfare Licence, we were delighted to renew it recently and retain our 5* status of Animal Welfare here at Kensmyth.

Caring for our livestock is our main aim here and many know we always put their welfare above our own, building them new barns before we look at what we humans need!

Happy livestock here at Kensmyth..

Die another day – old car friends at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Well most of our followers know that I flatly refuse to replace my old car. She is a Toyota Landcruiser but some 26 years old and done circa 170 thousand miles with us.. deserving of her home.

Well, she really let the side down last month and this so I am not sure if it is not time for a new car!

  first a puncture but I guess not her fault..

then a bit of work before her MOT hmmm

but then – wham she decided not to work at all..

watch this space .. LOL