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Gridlock on the M5 choose your Motorhome or Caravan folks

I had to travel south West and chose a Saturday – HUGE mistake it was gridlocked on the M5. However, never one not to seize the opportunity I had plenty of time to clock what cars were towing large caravans and what modern Motorhomes to choose if I were ever to want one.. LOL

note to self – do not travel on M5 on a Saturday.. its Change Over day for Holiday makers!

Birthing season ahead for Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow in the Cotswolds

I know I say this every year but you can never be “too ready” with your birthing kit. With Alpaca being able to birth 4 weeks before (premature) and up to 6 weeks after (Dysmature) their LMD (Last Mating Date) you need to be a Brownie/Girl Guide and get sorted.

Lambivac gets in short supply as lambing usually ahead of Alpaca birthing in the UK and Cria (Alpaca babies) need it at a month after birthing.. Lube gets in short supply (lubrication for when you have to “go in” to get the cria out), you name it.. you will need it. A boon in any birthing box is “Kick Start” which again gets in short supply and you will need powdered lambs colostrum in stock and, in our case, we start on the Goats Milk – full cream from Tesco a week before the four weeks before.. its called “being prepared” and it really is that simple.

some lounging ladies

and a few shorn yearlings for amusement..

Fly’s Fly mask and Zebras at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

The flies continue unabated as the wet dry changes to wet warm and I thought I had tried everything until we found these little numbers.. the Zebra rug we have used each year (new as she grew) and are fantastic for black horses who get sooo hot


BUT this is a mask to beat all masks and perfect for the job – perfect colt to have it on too.


George Clooney and the escaped lambs at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well that is an unusual title is it not? Well George Clooney new Film Set is just a half mile away from us and it backs onto some sheep fields where two lambs escaped..

unfortunately I did not know it was there and having received an emergency call from a passer by that two lambs were trapped in the field, as a good Farmer we all help out albeit not mine.

Grabbing the RTV for speed and an unsuspecting visitor on site (Ian) we rocked up to find the lambs caught and released them but of course the field not being secure meant one headed down the road.

Ever ready, I stopped the traffic – good looking chap in a farmy looking vehicle albeit a bit new – and got his assistance along with a helpful lady walking her dog.

With the traffic stopped either end of the patch the lamb was in, lamb safely got back where it belonged, I thanked all and admitted at only that point that the sheep were nothing to do with me!

And at that point found out I had only grabbed an actor going out for a drive from the Film Set to assist in the lamb catching as he gleefully told me – live entertainment all round!

perhaps someone should tell Wilts and Glos Standard that we are in Gloucestershire?

Dorset lunch at The Wagon House what a great idea – Kensmyth Alpaca day out

Well I said I would follow up on the Seaside day out and it went like this – long drive, hot day, several visits, beach too full, could not find anywhere to park, mad visitors walking in the road everywhere despite being a road especially mums pushing children in pushchairs out in front of cars (can you believe it?) and so we decided to head out back to the countryside to find a nice pub for lunch.. could we find one?

Regrettably many had closed due to Covid and many had not reopened for the season yet.. so thinking that it would be a Farm Shop like ours in the Cotswolds that have Tea Rooms, we followed the signs to a “Farm Shop” offering fresh milk.

Several miles and signs later, realisation dawning it might not be as we expected due to how remote it was by then, a pleasant surprise to turn up at “The Wagon House” which is serve yourself and honesty box for all things.

Ice cream and Banoffee flapjacks was not quite what we had in mind but what a lovely place and surprise – such a good idea. The Wagon House milk vending and help yourself (paying of course) and the best coffee I have had in a long time – even the cows joined us!

Green green grass of England in the Cotswolds, Clay Meadow Alpaca

Well the trees in full blossom promise an abundance of fruit this Autumn and guess who is waiting to catch the first windfalls?

I do love the farm when the rich green grass is all around springing up – photo taken before shearing below – but of course it brings the endless flies with the potential threat of fly strike too.

Shearing at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow in May 2022

Well hubby did a grand job and friends joined us for the annual “shearing gathering and lunch” for the Alpaca all indoors ready and waiting.. then wait for it, for the first time ever, the shearer called to say he could not make it as his handler was sick. This being at 7 am in the morning of course.. well, ever ready here, he came regardless and we all learnt very quickly what we had been watching for years.

Truly appreciated what the helpers do all day after us wrinklies had to do it all day –  thank you (massively) to Mitch’s (and family lifelong friend) Jason for being so nimble and our sons and of course hubby as it went really smoothly.. not many photos as we are all “mucking in”


Lyme Regis Dorset on a sunny day from Kensmyth Alpaca in the Cotswolds

Well on a rare day off with hubby looking after the livestock as he on his day off too had to prepare the pens for shearing (bless his cotton socks) I took my Mum off to the seaside.. Lyme Regis no less and that was an adventure I can tell you but more on another blog later.. meantime.. cracking views

I can see the sea! sooo many visitors everywhere – no chance of a crab sandwich