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Monthly Archives: November 2019

A fond farewell at Kensmyth so super boys to super homes

I hate goodbyes, I love the pictures and updates we get from our Clients but every goodbye seems to get harder as time goes on.

We have already been advising and receiving updates from our Client with these super boys in their new home ooop North but it was a sad day when they left for sure. Weaning lies ahead and im not looking forward to that either!

First snows of Winter 2019 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

November seems to be much wetter and windier than my memories of crisp leaves of “back in the day” – no Forever Autumn here and the first snow of Winter 2019 arrived early..

it went in a flash but brought back memories of earlier this year..

I think we are in for a hard Winter folks


Amazing what you can buy in Costco these days

Well I went to Costco recently and I was amazed at how much Christmas was happening already – scary indeed. But I did laugh when I came to the fish counter with all the smoked salmon and prawns and found this..

it brought back happy memories of holidays by the sea and squid inking at me if I came to close – yes I know this is Octopus!