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Hot blue sky Kensmyth Stud farm pictures July 2014

30 degree hot scorching weather, Pimms and a beach? nope, burnt grass patches and much water lugging afoot methinks!

We planned for the future when planting trees here at Clay Meadow and as the climate changes our livestock will be glad of the 1900 Hawthorn and Blackthorn growing, the 80 Field Maple trees, the 40 Willow and the 20 Scots pine for the shade and shielding of their fields and barns when they all grow!

Meantime, the orchard planted is growing nicely – just 90 fruit trees and some Walnut trees too…

view down the hill towards our entrance

view of the sign going up the hill towards the farmstead that we brought from the old farm…

and how the apples are growing just now…

and the plums too …

no walnuts yet though… will take a few years for those!

Alpaca new colours from BAS July 2014

I see BAS are introducing a range of greys now as new colours but still no Appaloosa!

Many folk own Appaloosas but few would know unless it is inserted into the Registration name because it is not a recognised colour yet – keep smiling Appy breeders.

Now then… what four colours might these be?

well now that is a Rose Grey, a fawn, a brown and…

the spot might give it away?!!!

dont forget it is the colour at the skin not the outside that dictates your real Alpaca colour!

Hot Fuzz Village Moment again!!

Hot Fuzz Village moment again!

wow   we have been so busy and had so many cria born, I cannot believe it has been so long since my last blog.

To finish that story off, well we never did find out what it was about …

but the very next day I passed through it again and there were more… they were breeding!

inspirational or freaky – you choose. back shortly with cria news.

Hott Fuzz Village moment

well with Mitchell a budding Film Director and me an improvised Production Manager

if only in name (read taxi and sandwich maker) he had to be out early to start filming…

we drove through a village I have not been through in many years indeed and it was quite a shock I can tell you.

It is a little village with a road narrowing and without warning we were suddenly passing these…

and we could see no explanation whatsoever for them… now take a closer look …

and this?

I am sure it is some wonderful village competition but it was quite “scary” for scarecrows!!

Eureka moment!!

In our last blog – sorry for the gaps but the Alpaca SCBU has been pretty active I said ” and watch this space for a photo of the first cria from our stunning Kensmyth Legend who is the son of a daughter of Peruvian Caesar …”

well here he is and I quote…

“one instinctively knows when something is right….”

our first cria from Legend…