Alpaca & Muscovy

Genetics 10 years later in the fleece at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

We all know that the Show Ring requires a different “look” in every breed than that in the paddock and Alpaca breeding is no different. The fleece remains everything however because it is key to the continuation of the Alpaca industry and all the product you make yourselves or send to factories to be made.

Genetics have to be “right” at the outset and Australian Genetics brought into the UK varied tremendously when Alpaca were first introduced back just before the Millenium. Yes, they have been here for nearly 20 years now so no “flash in the pan” there for those who thought such thoughts.

Alpaca have become incredibly popular all over the world now and Alpaca is now for sale in shops blended with polyester even in Tesco, Asda, M&S etc. However, true Alpaca handmade garments continue to go from strength to strength and are in high demand.

Commercially farmed now across the UK, Alpaca fleeces vary tremendously and it is not just Genetics. it is how you feed them, where you are in the world (sparse grass, lush grass) and affects from the weather. But you have to start with good genetics and you have to “have a plan and make it work”. Whilst new stud boys bring in new genetics I despair when I see folk rush off to buy the “latest show winner” for their herd without a thought to Biosecurity or the fact it may never have reproduced yet and so you have no idea what the progeny will be like. Two stunning models in humans do not always produce a stunning child and Alpaca are just the same!

Old fashioned principles stand at Kensmyth… “if it aint broke – why fix it?”

The Alpaca we produce here year on year have superb fleeces and are good sized Alpaca with fantastic temperaments and conformation – what more can we ask?

A quick squiz (look) at the “old boys” fleeces when doing ADE jabs this week showed that on their 7th fleece – our boys still have it…

what is more important is that these were taken with an iPhone, in the barn, on a ropey weather day and are just as seen on the Alpaca – no false lighting, no false framing, no doctored or photoshopping to make them stand out… they are just genuinely fantastic old boy fleeces and the reason that our progeny from them is also outstanding.

Iphone pictures of the fleeces of some of our young stock from these two sires also taken recently…