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Champagne Taste at Clay Meadow, Cirencester as bubbles flow!

Well – they say there is “no Fool like an old fool” and some people are going to look very foolish in a very short space of time, in front of a very large number of people… glad I am not going to be one of them!

One thing you learn about Journalism is that a) you get your facts straight b) you consult all parties to ensure you get your facts straight and c) only Publish facts – rather than what you would like to be facts!

Never mind – celebrations continue at Clay Meadow with the most perfect Champagne Truffles and Moet Chandon you could imagine!


Abbey 900 Bathurst Cirencester Charity Fashion Show

crazy busy as always but personally invited to attend this Function, it was fantastic. hard work setting up a massive stand as always but the fab stallholders that I see regularly at the Corn Hall are such a hoot and we always help each other – I hold your dog whilst you carry my stand sort of thing! its great!


The event is to celebrate the Abby 900 initiative and was introduced by Mayor Mark Harris…



and had all the pomp and splendour of a London Fashion Show…

stall holders galore (I know I missed some but was in hot demand on my own stall)

and I fell in love with the orange jacket from Jungle – especially as Mitchells Art Teacher Emma was wearing it… so we had loads to catch up on …

so fab to catch up with and meet so many people I knew and who wanted to know more about Alpaca – I was hoarse the next day LOL

Growing boys… I hope not!

wow – we are just so busy where do I start? I am trying to catch up on Blogs on where we have been and am about 6 places behind including Abbey 900 which was fab. Meantime,  we are catching up madly with the growing grass but I find it hard to catch up with size 15 feet and 6ft 6 inch appetites!

words cannot describe some photos

you know when you are so pleased with yourself and you take a photo that needs no words to describe it?

Our guard dog is working well with the Alpaca (and humans) and I am so proud of her “do not mess with me attitude” LOL

Putting the boot in?

I have heard and read some hilarious things this week that have had me crying with laughter. Some people just do not realise how some things they do simply cause riots of laughter – when they are trying so hard to be serious!

Anyway, it reminded me to ask of my readers if anyone else has issues with Aigle boots?

I love these boots but they are well over £100 to buy and you can see that my last pair “went” very quickly because you can see from the toes that the boots were not very old. I am waiting to see if Aigle will refund me – their policy is to send it back for review and in the meantime you have to buy another pair!

I am afraid Wellies are an essential part of daily farming and the elevated boot protects your instep so cheap boots only give backache in the long run… your thoughts?


Birthing Alpaca – when you are needed most

I thought I should remind that Alpaca need you when birthing, full stop! This cria was born several months ago BUT for those of you who know their Alpaca – there should be 2 legs out!

so there is an interlude in the photography as I had to “go in” to assist and help her come out…

she was also premature and needed her ears pinning back for a week and 24/7 care

Halloween is nearly upon us? Nowhere near ready

Here at Kensmyth we have been sooooo busy it is crazy. We have been ooop North and down South and so much to tell you and no time to sit down and fit it all in.

I did see these in Costco the other day and it reminded me to think about Pumpkins and the like…

A man for all the Seasons at Kensmyth

Well the weather has been challenging but everything has its season and the show goes on here at Kensmyth. With the Farming rules for hedging now passed to protect wildlife earlier in the season, it was time to do some hedging… and the weather changed each time but I wont Drone on LOL