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Yak – tasting is believing

I know I am skipping ahead or behind on blogs all the time but I must tell you that we had the pleasure of tasting some YAK (yes you read that right) the other day from our friends “oop north”

and honestly I have to rave about it… see for yourself…




















Showmans Show 2016 at Newbury

Just a quickie tonight to say that I will be posting interesting Corporate Event “wares” one can hire or purchase from the Showmans Show at Newbury. Not great weather but en route to the Royal Berks of course.

and as for this pumpkin – magnificent!

minion pumpkin WEB

Corporate Alpaca at Kensmyth doing “selfies”

Thank you for all your support regarding our recent sad loss and current very poorly Grandma, it is much appreciated. Meantime “back at the ranch” the Alpaca have been admiring themselves… and Gabby of course!

we are famous WEB    timeline WEB

hey look – that is me as a cria!

thats me WEB


Downton Abbey and Andy Pandy hoodies

this post is totally unrelated to Alpaca for once so no hidden agenda. missed Downton last night as too tired from Alpaca work and went to bed early but what a riot about a bit of blood on a tv show for goodness sakes!

Bet Joe Public did not object in the Upstairs Downstairs gentry shooting themselves with pistols did they!!??

and on the subject of Hoodies being used by “thugs” – what a generalisation that is.. who started that trend anyway?

in the 50’s could it have been guess who… Andy Pandy of course

WEB andy pandy

The Harrow Inn, Wanborough and Pizza mania

Time flies and jobs keep happening. Alpaca have been enjoying the rays and the frost has cleansed the ground but the grass is still growing which is fab! Managed to get a lunch out in Wanborough at The Harrow Inn which has great beers (so hubby says) and great service…

a sharing starter…

tear and share WEB

and a wicked mushroom, poached egg number…

poached egg WEB

but back to earth with a bump and a new “quick farmer” pizza rubber easy in the oven plate…

pizzaware WEB 1 yup it works…  pizza ware WEB 2

British Veterinary Camelid Society Conference Beaumont Estate Hotel

Well yesterday found me off in the early hours to the BVCS conference in Old Windsor.  Early morning, long day, long drive (not as much as for some) Great to catch up with old friends, meet new Llama friends and learn what is new in the inner workings of these incredible creatures.

Learning different Veterinary perspectives on breeding, genetic defects, worming methods and drugs and a whole host of uses for Alpaca and Llama was captivating.


Glamping Show 2015

well busy busy doing field shelter clean outs, movals and new paddocks with fresh green grass for all. Meantime looking ahead for next year we are pre-selecting the next Trainee walking boys on characters and temperaments and.. the Glamping Show visit… get your ideas for the Glam Camping here!

tiny house WEB glamping show 1               ARC GLAMPING web

glamping show WEB 3       glamping show WEB 2

WOODEN WEB CARAVAN       glamping show WEB 4