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Flaming June continues at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow Cirencester Cotswolds

well sometimes Alpaca just do not read the book that says “morning births” – this young lady decided following a hot burst that the only break in the rain the storm that followed was the best time to make an entrance and it was definitely after the sun had crossed the yard arm! Love the way everyone has to come and see!

  the all essential watching to make sure the baby (cria) was knowing who was Mum and suckling properly before moving to the barns out of the weather and harms way!

not long before the storm passed, the sun came back out and the coat came off, welcome to our world.

Need to be on site with Alpaca birthing and stay cool at all times

Folk ask me why do you need to be on site with Alpaca cria being born (babies) and I can give a list as long as your arm starting with the need to see when a birth starts so you understand if you need to assist a difficult birth and caring for premature and dysmature babies, unwilling mums, the heat you name it!

Shelters with windows at the back are essential for warm conditions..

and would you know if a mother to be was doing something different than usual to indicate a start of a birth – if you were not on site?

this young lady always lies to the FRONT of the shelter, she birthed that day but more on her later..

Queen Jubilee Celebrations and South Cerney Duck race at Kensmyth Alpaca

Well we did not manage to get to the Duck Race this year due to false alarms with pregnant mothers but that is life.. however we did manage to see quite a lot of the Jubilee Celebrations, I found them quite haunting in view of the fact that the Queen has been so ill and is not so young but amazing nevertheless..