Alpaca & Muscovy

Classy Ladies and Saturn 5 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well I have been alluding to things afoot at Clay Meadow and we have been shattered I can tell you but it was worth it.

With Rachel and Dave from P & S Rawlings Transport assisting on the day along with Hubby and the two lads on farm, we took our two Draughts with foal at foot for their Breed Society Grading. This meant producing them as if for the show ring, including the foal which took some doing but I am pleased to say they looked superb. Thanks also to Rebecca for coming to assist on mane pulling as I could not stand on my leg for that length of time. In fact I was on crutches most of the day of the Grading – good days bad days but we got there.


Our beautiful 3 year old Draught filly attained the highest accolade – Class 1

and wait for it…


our stunning Draught Mare also achieved the highest accolade in a Supplementary Grade Up with her stunning foal – Kensmyth Perugia.

it was an exhausting day with traffic delays 4 hours to get there and 3 back but plenty of rest and incredibly professionally run at a super yard.

well done and thank you to all assisting us and especially our incredible Foundation Draught Girls and Saturn 5 (Kensmyth Perugia) who was remarkably well behaved … and independent!

Home again…


oh – and it looks like he will be the same colour as his Sires Sire – Dark Liver Chestnut !


Where has Daisy gone? British Spotted ponies at Clay Meadow

we lost Daisy this week and could not find her anywhere. she is tiny and easily missed in long grass…

always with her partner in crime Kinda whom we could see but where had Daisy gone?

The Alpacas were not letting on cheeky monkeys they adore her…

shes the funny looking Alpaca on the right and boy is she tiny

no – they don’t usually graze together but when she limbos under the fence…

Thank you to our friends and clients for your kind thoughts

I am not a maudling person, life is too short and days and time too important but I have been touched by the constantly arriving cards and messages of sympathy from our clients, friends and family for our sad loss so a big thank you and heres  just a few with the home made cross my favourite!

Dunedin in Cirencester – bright colours and empty shops

Dunedin is a town in the South Island of New Zealand and is beautiful with its quaint houses in bright colours, with the sun on it just recently as I was driven through the crazy new town centre system (does anyone heed Rights of Way signs these days) I thought of Dunedin with the colours…

I am always struck by the beauty of the church but what a shame so many shops are closing down… House of Fraser being so big on that side leaves a hole someone great is going to have to fill…

Tragedy at Kensmyth, please respect our privacy

knowing rumour mills and how they work, please respect our privacy following the sudden and tragic death of my husbands Mother in the early hours of this morning. whilst a frail not 100% well lovely old lady it was not expected at this time despite her nearly 89 years of age.

Rest in peace little one.

I always have a song for people I love but the one that springs to mind following this is simply DIDO as I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye…

The Day before the Day

Speeches won’t be made today, clocks will carry on
Flowers won’t be left in parks, work will still be done
People won’t be dressed in black, and babies will be born
No flags will fly, the sun will rise,
But we know that you are gone

You who love to love, and believed we can never give enough

It wakes me every single night, thinking through the day
Did you stop at any time, have doubts at any stage?
Were you calm or were you numb, or happy just to get it done?
Well I’ve lived my life without regret, until today

You who love to love, and believed we can never give enough

I didn’t get to say goodbye, the day before the day
Was trying to get to work on time, and that’s why I turned away
And missed the most important thing, you’ve ever tried to say
Well I’ve lived my life without regret until today

You who love to love, and believed we can never give enough
And you who hoped that underneath, we all felt the same
That was until the day before the day
The day before the day
The day before the day

Magic mushrooms at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well a friend of mine whose Vegetarian assures me these are Puffballs and edible but im not convinced… what do you think? too reminiscent of Bridget Jones Magic Mushroom sea conch scene for me LOL

meantime farming and fencing replacements…

with the ever faithful Massey