Alpaca & Muscovy

Car saga continues at Kensmyth Alpaca at Clay Meadow

Well regular readers will recall that my Landcruiser of the past 20 years had died, leaving me stranded and it took a while to replace her. Opting for the latest Mitsubishi Shogun Sport as her replacement, sadly of the five weeks that I had it, it spent two in the garage!

Least said soonest mended, we parted company and I rented a Honda for a short while whilst looking for a towing vehicle for the farm that I felt best suited our needs.

Well, many of the manufacturers have stopped making what I would call “farm cars” that genuinely tow, rather most would not tow the skin off a rice pudding!

I am very happy going back to an older version of the same vehicle, a 2014 Mitsubishi Shogun itself. She may not be trendy or have any mod cons to speak of but she will pass you broken down on the motorway with her diesel engine and maybe if asked nicely, tow you off!

Whilst the Shogun is no longer made at all. let alone in the UK, it is a suitable workhorse for the farms!