Alpaca & Muscovy

Kensmyth Perugia and Kensmyth Captain Drizzle at Kensmyth, rare Draughts

one has to admire the old fashioned rare breeds at all times, I wish more people were willing to save them, sadly they do not conform to modern day requirements as Tractors and cars have replaced them.

Here at Kensmyth we are striving to keep the old breeds going..

Kensmyth Perugia had his first birthday on June 7th – he is HUGE..


and his full brother Drizzle is following in his footsteps..

keeping busy in Corona Virus 2020 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Keeping busy has always been our motto but many things had been put on hold over the winter. what a wet winter that was. well groundworks for electrics and water to the barn in preparation for wet winter 2020 – here we go, better late than never..


I have to say I quite fancy that John Deere myself if I may say so LOL

Cria drop continues at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

shivery blasts of wet weather and torrential downpours along with steamy heat is a recipe for Flystrike if I ever saw it. Kensmyth Cria drop continues with beautiful girls bar one boy so far and all the colours predicted so far, bless:




I even get cria helpers sometimes – get out of my birthing box you rascal LOL

Draught colt foal born at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow 2020, our second hooray

Well it had to happen fairly soon and we all bet she would go early and on shearing day but she did it the next day bless her cottons. no waxing up (didn’t last time) no real warnings (didn’t last time) and boom, we are away for the foaling of 2020 from one huge mama mare.. more photos to follow when he is a little older and uncurled!


Shearing day arrives in Covid 19 and 27 degree heat at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well a great day for shearing actually as the heat meant all mums to be could be left out instead of being penned up ready. just the boys had that pleasure but we already know they love the attention:


plenty of helpers (adhering to social distancing) is the key but then things will still go wrong LOL

but just take a look at how much fleece (to be turned into yummy yarn) comes off our Alpaca and that’s just the tail!

blessed relief for all the alpaca, especially pregnant mums to be rid of their fleeces in this heat


Kensmyth Cria drop continues in adverse and scorching temps

well with the Mums holding on for this long, we could not expect to have anything other than Dysmature cria being born. That is looking premmie but born late as mothers have arrested the pregnancies until they felt the weather conditions were better for birthing. coats for winds and sudden downpours but all off after first or second nights ..



so we have thick umbilical cords (shown on placenta) and tipped ears and toes..

British Spotted Ponies at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

My Mum was asking just the other day how our British Spotted ponies were doing. You remember – the Alpaca lane munchers?

Well – long loyal blog readers will recall that some foals come out spotty from the start and some “spot out” later.

well here is Kensmyth Kinda Cute when she was born if you recall

and for her first year..

but take a look at our beautiful homebred two year old British Spotted pony young lady now..


with plenty more spots to come when she has a bath and loses her winter coat !