Alpaca & Muscovy

Kensmyth Perugia is weaned – finally at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well regular readers know that the weaning of a very large Draught Colt is no mean feat when the farm does not permit any area where Mum cannot be heard screaming to him when he is moved.

This time we took our time and at approximately 5 months old started to gradually remove him from his Mums stable for longer and longer periods daily until he eventually could also go out in a paddock adjacent.

This took a whole month of careful planning to ensure we had all sons available to assist so Mum had her companion and the Colt had his and everyone was happy.. if not made a little deaf.

Well thanks to perseverance and adjacent stabling the single colt was weaned fully without Mum getting mastitis and always stabled adjacent – this method really works is kinder and less stressful for both Mum and foal – well done to all involved and my Mum for too for asking daily “if hes managed it without screaming yet” LOL

Look at the bum on him now!


There is a spider in the bath at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

for those of you wanting to live in the country, you need to understand that mice come in from the cold as do many other critters I don’t really mind.

Well, I don’t mind snakes or spiders as many regular readers know well from past blogs but how would YOU react if you found this climbing up the bath I wonder?

A fond farewell at Kensmyth so super boys to super homes

I hate goodbyes, I love the pictures and updates we get from our Clients but every goodbye seems to get harder as time goes on.

We have already been advising and receiving updates from our Client with these super boys in their new home ooop North but it was a sad day when they left for sure. Weaning lies ahead and im not looking forward to that either!