Alpaca & Muscovy

Crisp and Icy times at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I love this time of the year and the Kubota G23 is the best machine to be sat on in the cold wind as you hoover up the carpets of leaves that fall from the trees in the paddocks.

No – it is not a tidying up fettish, it is because leaves left on the grass in copious carpets will prevent the grass underneath growing properly and the toxins from rotting leaves will make the grass underneath unpalateable to all quadrupeds grazing there.

underneath trees once all dropped, it is something that has to be done under good farming practice…

More wonky carrots – deffo missed a trick says Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I am being accused of having a Wonky Carrot fettish by my hubby but I REALLY do think that a marketing opportunity has been missed and as folk rush to buy Kevin the Carrot and his family as soft toys, it is undermining the whole situation of the Carrot industry – they are NOT all one size!

and if you are wondering how come I see so many different carrot shapes it is because chopped up finely they are fed to all quadrupeds on farm at Clay Meadow, especially the horses.

but for my followers sake, I will stop banging on about carrots

Wonky carrots should rule not Aldis Kevin the Carrot family

Do you not think that Aldi have missed a trick in their promotion of Kevin the perfect looking Carrot and his perfect looking wife and children? Carrots are simply NOT like that. with other companies promoting wonky carrots for all and at discounted prices (others obviously promoting them as something superior and packaging them madly too) do you not think that Kevin and his family would have been the perfect opportunity to promote Wonky Carrots?

Aldis Kevin family certainly don’t look like the genuine article do they?

Farming Innovation show 2018

I am sooo behind on news its just crazy busy and we have been taking advantage of the cold snap to Poover the paddocks before the rain comes, weaning is in full swing and Winter is definitely coming…

meantime, a short while ago on the Thursday (best day to go as Adam Henson was there too) we popped to the Farming Innovation Show – yes that is what I look like in the morning having got up, done the livestock and left in my sons capable hands then driven 2 hours to Birmingham LOL

sorry mum but you know I love slippery snakes so I just had to…


Winter warmth at Clay Meadow, Kensmyth Alpaca

well the weather is throwing all sorts at us as we conclude the first week of November – climate change is here to stay for sure as we discussed with some very important visitors today. more on that news a different day… meantime – farming life means getting cold and wet at all hours LOL

Gold at the end of the rainbow even? … but a warming roast meal usually defrosts us at Kensmyth and this one was provided by the George at Kempsford on the way back from an Alpaca visit  LOL


Gunpowder, Fireworks, Remember Remember your livestock at all times

Well November is the silly season for folks letting fireworks off at all hours, on all days before and after the traditional 5th day of Guy Fawkes fame… scary times for Farming folk as livestock can be scared and “flight” animals will run blindly into anything in the dark.

Check, check, check your livestock at all times, in the dark now that the clocks have changed and make sure you do headcounts.

Gundogs work all night here to keep our livestock safe but “regular” dogs should be inside…