Alpaca & Muscovy

Genetics are everything even in Spotted Ponies at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

so proud of our Alpaca genetics which continue to produce stunning fleeces year on year here as we go forward into 2019 but its nice to know that our British Spotted ponies are on the right track too…

does my bum look bigger than mums? Yup!

Kensmyth Kind of Cute – Kinda to her friends should make a stunning spotted Riding Pony to achieve 12hh – 12.2hh but so pleased her Genetic testing came back as positive for carrying the Spot gene!

Kensmyth Alpaca in the sunset at Clay Meadow, Cirencester

Facebook is a funny old thing and I don’t look at it often because I simply do not have the time – but I was looking for info on something recently and looked at the Gloucestershire Camera Club site… imagine my surprise to find this fabulous photo taken upwards with a zoom from the Old Canal Lockhouse path that runs below the hill that is our land of one of our girls enjoying the sunset – Daisy bless!

good shot Stuart McIntyre !


Guard dogs at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I have been discussing Guard Dogs and Guard Alpaca a lot recently. not all dogs and not all Alpaca are cut out for the job and certainly in the Alpaca case they should be adults and castrates or likely to mount the sheep. However, at Kensmyth, we keep all our species separately so don’t have that problem and have excellent Guard animals LOL

Visiting everywhere Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well we have had some very exciting Visitors to Kensmyth in the week recently and Alpaca Genetics have been the topic of conversation, including Importing new ones – bit of a hint there I think.

Meantime, a visit I was not happy about was as a result of the ongoing issue with the horse kick (not mine) I had back in August 18 and my right leg found me in hospital for X Rays yet again…


I have been told it will take a very long time for the injury to heal but is it healing?

Miniature horses at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

well you guessed it – as I knew you would. The latest resident Equine to join Team Kensmyth Equines at our Alpaca farm is this stunning colt miniature horse. yes horse not pony folks.

not much taller than a bale of hay or the dog…

to the right our stunning homebred 2018 seven and a half month colt PONY, to the left the 6.5 month mini HORSE

Thank you to Simon our Farrier for letting me take this photo – if you want to put in perspective how small this colt is, my hands are a small size 7 and these are his tiny hooves…



yet more weaning at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

well, as went through who had to be WEANED from the different herd groups and when, we discussed many things and one of them was of how someone had said (apparently) that I bred miniature ponies.

I did laugh at the time because our British Spotted Ponies although ponies are definitely not Miniatures! Anyway as we moved from group to group ( I soooo hate weaning as a Mum it goes right through me to take cria from their Mothers no matter how old, big or heavy in weight they are) we discussed the virtues of the Colt born to Kensmyth this year who is really rather stunning.

Those in the know (Alpaca Breeders) know it takes ages to separate the right groups and we wean by sex with a mind to colour (most don’t know Alpaca are colour prejudice which means if you put 2 white cria with a dark colour they will bully it and vice versa) so it took a while. Big chunky monkey cria all been on hard food for months!

By the end of it we had decided on many things, including the colt and I wonder if you can work out what the most recent cherished gift addition to Kensmyth Equines was LOL???