Alpaca & Muscovy

Customer Satisfaction at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Well we have been super busy here with long outstanding things “getting done” not only before Christmas but before as we all sadly predict, A N Other Lockdown in the New Year. Those that are sensible will pay for those that are not and with a No Deal Brexit looming as a distinct possibility, many hands make light work here – under full Covid restrictions of course..

the roof of a leaky barn finally got fixed LOL


All I want is .. Paxton AT25

well I have to tell my readers this story because unlike me they will probably find it funny.

We have automatic refill water drinkers for our livestock, simples yes? Yes it is. They work and are easily cleaned and  we clean and refill all the time. perfect. 

We needed some more.. so having bought them from Countrywide (no longer exists) we naturally went to Mole Valley in Cirencester, their replacement. Nope, none in stock. 

So we tried Mole Valley Newbury, Frome, finally hitting on some in Berkeley. About an hours drive each way. 

Meantime found some on the internet less expensive, perfect. Had them delivered by ever faithful Amazon and they arrived next day. Wrong ones sent.

Off Hubby went to Berkley and brought them back expecting to install. Nope, didnt fit. So hubby dutifully took back to local Mole Valley and also posted back the ones from Amazon.

Search started again.. are you getting the gist?

Found some on internet, tried to order, do not deliver to my area – really? Everyone else does?

Currently waiting to speak to Supplier on Monday.. meantime Shanks pony and buckets..

You can stop laughing now!

Snug as a bug at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Well with temperatures below zero, sleet, hail and rain and lots of mud – soo pleased the livestock have a choice of winter sleeping quarters..

a few ladies in the barn..

a few more in another barn..

and with split doors at Alpaca height, moving fields and winter quarters for wet feet and muddy pads has never been easier.. DONT LET YOUR ALPACA GET WET MUDDY FLEECE LEGS OR FOOT PADS this winter..

Welcome December – new everything at Kensmyth Alpacas, Clay Meadow

I asked my husband to clean the cooker. I have done it for the past 5 years. It takes a womans touch sorry but it does. He did a grand job, so grand it took out an element and all I then needed and wanted for Christmas was a Cooker 

December we welcome you with the cold snow and hope that you bring to the world..

Cria Alpaca fleeces 2020 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I am rarely disappointed with the cria fleeces from our genetics and this year is no exception. Bred for colour for a specific purpose, the fawn girls and boys are superb..and the whites potential stud males are outsstanding too despite the weather conditions and the overfeeding.. just a selection

Halter training next once weaning totally over.

Cold and Frosty mornings at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well we have had the rain and now comes the cold, frost and fog. unfortunately it did not dry out the ground due to moisture in the air so Straw bales down time to protect those precious Alpaca feet and Barning time to help them dry out – so much for being cold and dry!

Daisy Louis Litt Suits Associate Nanny Alpaca at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well followers of this Blog know Daisy is one of our many mature ladies here at Kensmyth and she looks forward to weaning every year when all cria become her charges for the winter. Winter 2020 is no exception and here she is proudly with just some of her brood from 2020 cria drop..

Some adults prefer to have another with them when with a group of youngsters but not Daisy – nope like Louis Litt in Suits (recommend if you like legal programs and Meghan Markle) she treats her cria as he does his “Associates” and will not let anyone else help her! Bless her Alpaca socks, she makes our lives so much easier at weaning time. 

Llama and Colt guards at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Alpaca and Llama are well known for their guarding instincts but small miniature colts are often underestimated for their guarding ability..

Our miniature colts not only graze the lanes between the Alpaca and Llama fields but also guard the pregnant Draught mares too

Beautiful – even in the mud!