Alpaca & Muscovy

Farm food at Farm shops and Brexit prices?

is it me or are standards slipping in the farm shops? I was shocked at the prices of the Farm Shop food and the way it was presented recently see what you think…

  A quiche – you got it but £11 for this?

A burger with chips… but £13?

and the custard (where is it) served with a treacle tart for £8?

and wait for it… for the princely sum of £7.50 you could have this um (cowpat?) Brownie??


October colours and bye bye Saturn 5 at Kensmyth Clay Meadow

Autumn is my favourite time of year for many reasons and the vibrant colours ranging from conker to chestnut with red and hazel and a smorgasboard of shades inbetween is just eye candy to a farming out door girl…

however, it is also so sad when a foal coat changes and that baby that you helped bring into the world that you are so proud of… becomes a little horse all on their own.


I thought Kensmyth Perugia could welcome October all by himself with his changing colours… so proud of our first Draught Foal born here at Clay Meadow … goodness me he is not 4 months yet!


Downton Abbey the Movie and Frankie and Bennies

well living in an all male household (hubby and 3 sons) its small wonder that they did not want to see the movie of Downton Abbey with me… despite being made to suffer the entire series whilst it was on.

So off I went meeting a friend at Greenbridge Swindon – no Cinema in Cirencester folks… and it was a very good film. True to period and historic costume and genre with a good tale to tell … but sadly the food at Frankie and Bennies was awful…

cold prawns – their new dish which was supposed to be hot, hard butter with garlic dough balls… yuk

and no apology for bringing the starter with the main course and all really late… not even busy that night!

Every picture tells a story… Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Wow – how time flies is it nearly 2 years ago we celebrated our 10th year of breeding Alpaca?

Remember those funky one off haircuts we did to celebrate that put Alpaca back on the place map?

  well these three beautiful boys are all grown up and earning their keep – halter trained and perfect for use on our husbandry courses –

first time ever with a total stranger on the halter as adults (we always start them as cria)…

and just look at them now … bless

Sham drinking and teething Alpaca at Clay Meadow, Cirencester

Alpaca care at Kensmyth this winter…

  What a heavy fleeced Alpaca will look like from the outside…

Note to the wise for those of you who have not had babies yet or seen teething rings or understand the wonders of Calpol! Alpaca when teething go to the water trough often to cool their gums. unfortunately in the case of stunningly bred Alpaca with lots of sharpie like wrinkles under their chins, this can lead to soreness if not spotted, clipped back and dried regularly.


Our Alpaca are well handled and this young boy has had this done for the past two winters and happily holds his head back for a shave!

all done… but it needs doing several times before shearing next year


CAUTION – not all Alpaca will do this happily un haltered for you and

CAUTION check for wet chins because they can become very sore very quickly if you don’t.