Alpaca & Muscovy

No textbook Alpaca births at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well I have been discussing here for a while how Alpaca across the UK have been holding off giving birth. This means they not only stop the birth happening but arrest the growth of the foetus inside – amazing isn’t it?

well, this means that cria born “late” are Dysmature (looks like Premature) despite the length of time inside because the growth was stopped. lets face it, Alpaca do not have big enough insides to allow them to continue to grow and grow and in humans they would be induced which you cannot do to Alpaca.

so the net result is that across the UK Alpaca breeders are seeing Dysmature cria and premmies of course. these indications are many ranging from inside out ears, floppy ears, malformed feet, weak pasterns and hindlegs, unerupted teeth, thick umbilical cords – you name it, it will happen at sometime to all Alpaca breeders.

so it was no surprise that Cria number two arriving at precisely 12 months gestation had quite a few of the above. here are the before and afters LOL



Proud Alpaca Mommas at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

There is nothing more endearing than a proud Alpaca Mother showing off her cria (baby) but boy do they grow quickly!


and for those of you wondering why our cria are coated in some photos – take a look at the inconsistency in the weather temperatures and add the fact ours live on a windy hill – its either Hypothermia or Hyperthermia on a daily basis this year – stay vigilant at all times

Keeping Mum at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow as Cria Drop 2020 begins

well we have all been keeping Mum for so long as the Cria have started arriving and we are Dog tired .. LOL

but the early rising and late nights – yes Alpaca AND horses foal at night too have been well worth it as the cria have finally started arriving – thought the girls would cross their legs forever!

STOP and think where it will land STOP releasing Balloons – save livestock

some of my nearest and dearest friends and family will know that I am disgusted at the moment by the actions of some walkers and of some people who just don’t think about what they are doing and its consequences.

Its birthing season for all farmers and we are out 24/7 caring for our livestock but also having to watch out for the actions of some very irresponsible people.

This balloon along with its sentimental message was released into the air without a moments thought of where it might land – IN MY FIELD and wrapped itself in the wind around the leg of an Alpaca.

luckily I found him at 6 am and it hadn’t been for long but it could have been so much worse – strangled or swallowed.. THINK before you release balloons into the air – where do you think they might land? it could be on the windscreen of your car as you are driving along let alone in a field STOP AND THINK PLEASE

fat mammas keeping us waiting at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well the cria drop is late already and my eyes already need matchsticks. crossing legs and holding on is one of the key Camelid traits so I am hoping they will wait until the middle of next week now when the weather has done its down turn to cool then back up again1

meantime.. fat mommas to be just laisy daisying around..


Are we keeping sane at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow?

well I know my roots are showing through and they are grey but Prince took the rosette for his hair today:

and gorgeous Perugia is so laid back he is literally horizontal sometimes lOL

NO – he is not “cast” hes playing folks

so I have turned when I am bored waiting for the babies to start arriving to:

chocolate – yup – no wine in the birthing season folks.. but these do nicely!