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Cria crazy at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

it doesn’t seem to matter what time of the day or night it is these days, so long as I know the date, I can vaguely say I am in the land of the living… still no foal from our mare despite being bagged up for 3 weeks now… and the last cria still to come… just loving this time of year and blessed with such prolonged sunshine… lets hear it for the boys…


Summer heatwave continues at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well the heat continues to stop the grass growing but Im pleased to say we have had our Hay delivered ready for Winter. Hard to think of Winter in near 30 degree heat but practicalities of Farming mean you need to plan well ahead for the feeding of your livestock. Meantime beauty flourishes at Kensmyth as we continue Alpaca Walks and Experiences with so many Cria on the ground, its lovely to see the delight in others when seeing Alpaca for the first time – after nearly 12 years I have never lost that feeling either!

Because its a big ‘orse at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

most regular readers and returning visitors know about Kensmyth Equines but I am being chastised for not putting up more about them – it is an Alpaca blog but as we are between Cria Drops for Alpaca babies I grabbed a few snaps and  here goes… for the horsey lovers and visitors who have grown to love them…

yes, one of our track grass munchers mares foaled early, yes, the other track tidying grass muncher mare has not foaled yet – place your bets  they are grazed anywhere it is in shade at the moment bless!


one of our big Irish Draught (17.1 hh) mares is being scanned for pregnancy again shortly by AI – that’s artificial insemination and the stallion used (Sire) is a very well kept secret. great expectations for that Rare Breed Foal in 2019. and yes I look very grumpy in all photos because it was very hot and I was looking into the sun – she will be home very soon and yes, she is VERY big lol!

and our second big mare will also be arriving home shortly too, its great to have friends who have the facilities that we don’t have here and don’t charge us for them – you know who you are so big thanks to you guys too!

Red Hot July 2018 we welcome you at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

it has been a scorching few days at Kensmyth, the ponies eating the lanes have enjoyed the long grass, the Alpaca are always left strips of longer grass which retains the cooler moisture much needed for them and their newborns and Camelid mating has been all through the night and early hours due to raging temperatures when Alpaca should not be mated.

How to welcome July 2018 at Kensmyth? what better than some scorching red Sunset Shots taken a short while ago.

Welcome July

Dont read this post if you are squeamish – part 2 umbilical cord Alpaca cria

Please remember this post is put here not to shock but to show what can happen and how to deal with it 

you will recall my previous post where the cria was coming out cushed and after getting the cria out, obviously I had to cut the cord. this is perfectly normal, as is a larger cord due to strain from difficult birthing.

so in Part 2, you see that the Cord has started drying – hand holding partial cut cord…

so we recall that the cria had a CLAMP put on at birth when the cord was cut and this although plastic and lightweight is nevertheless cumbersome and a risk for catching… so as the cord dries out, it is always better to remove the Clamp as soon as practical and sensible. ALWAYS have several cord clamps in your birthing box.

This takes real skill and guess work. you also need to be prepared for the fact that it may still cause a bleed and need putting back on – very quickly. They are not the easiest things to work with either.

So, after an appropriate time (at least 24 hours plus), a clamp removal was attempted with “stand by” assistance.

the Clamp is removed and the cord sprayed with iodine spray / antibiotic spray where it was. a small amount of blood should congeal when laid down. Then you permit the cria to stand. if blood drips immediately, then the clamp needs to go back on FAST. obviously all blood in any weather, let alone this weather should be immediately cleaned to prevent flystrike.

Clamp on showing insides and hoping dried above clamp…

  clearly it needed more drying time as bled again SO in order to prevent a potential HERNIA by having the clamp on an umbilical cord hanging down ..

LAMB RING the top after checking no intestines caught… leaving both CLAMP and LAMB RING to fall off naturally

Happy Cria all the time, blood washed off and exclusive night in before going out again just to ensure no issues.

don’t forget the ANTIBIOTIC to prevent infection

Please remember this post is put here not to shock but to show what can happen and how to deal with it 


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