Alpaca & Muscovy

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Thames Head for Valentines – great food great value

As Farmers we go “out” when the opportunity arises and for Valentines 2018 found ourselves trying a Pub recommended to us by a friend… the Thames Head just outside of Cirencester on the road to Bath, just under the Tunnel and on the Right shortly afterwards.

Wow – the Pub has a great atmosphere with little nooky places to snuggle up to your loved ones rather than open plan “all eat together” like Wagamamas – ok in Wagamamas but not for a rare romantic night out.

Log fires gently burning without the smoke inhalation of “too small pubs” who try to put everything into the room to get the feel of a bigger pub and fail because you want to leave early as you can feel an asthma attack coming on!

Nope this place is the right size, the right balance, friendly staff, great food and great prices. We went for good old fashioned Pub Grub but you can opt for much higher level haute cuisine if you want!

Absolutely recommend it to everyone and the Sticky Toffee Pudding is just to burst for!

keeping wheels turning at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

One must never forget to keep the machinery serviced, oiled and little trips to ensure that it is all working as well as the variety of MOT’s and check ups required… Farming is not ALL about the livestock…

well done to Ollie for keeping Farm watch whilst we did the machines and vehicles recently…

cold spell means ice buckets but no wet feet Clay Meadow, Cirencester

well the weather has changed yet again and wet feet have returned to ice buckets. so time for making more homemade pies – Farmers pies with everything in it!

bake the base blind using old crusts

leave the top for later


cook up all the pie ingredients and put into the dish

add the pie top and cook in the oven ready for the cold winter nights and – hey presto…

Welcome February 2018 at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

last year I wrote this poem and this year which has so much ahead for us all, I still think it apt to welcome February to one and all.. 2018 has come in the same way…

2017 came in with a blast and a roar
Wet, mizzy January we have now shown the door
Did you achieve anything in it? Or did you just moan?
Did you just sit warm and cosy in your little home?
Life is for living and making things matter
Time for friends of course but not all for natter
Take up the reins and show February the way
Waste not one minute, one hour or one day
Welcome your friends, new friends, nature, your life
Don’t get bogged down with others strife
Walk in the woods, breathe some fresh air
Show February it matters and that you care
The months pass too quickly and time passes you by
All of a sudden a loved one will die
Today is the start of a new month in a new year
Somebody somewhere will lose someone dear
If it is to be you and you will never know
Make sure that for each day you have had something to show
Something to live for, something to do and to say
And that you do not let February pass the same way.

Helen Kendall Smith
written on 1st February 2017

January 2018 leaving us like a lions roar, Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I have to say that January intends leaving the UK like a Lions roar leaves its mark – the weather is challenging to say the least.

There is a song “if I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake” well, I don’t bake cakes, friends bring them round instead but I did find time to do one of my Farmers All pies recently.

You simply make short crust pastry and throw everything in that is warming when its cold!

Meantime with the gales having brought trees down, we have been busy as well as the all herd husbandry toenails and essential Vitamin ADE injections.

one supplier of ADE in the UK for livestock has ceased supplying to you have to order in advance. no problem with our Vets – George Vets at Malmesbury as they got them in for us in November 2017!

that’s reliability and organisation for you!



2018 Spring Alpaca Collection at Kensmyth is nearly ready…

We have been working hard through the winter on our Alpaca products and will be launching our new range soon.

We are just waiting for the lovely Hannah and our other models to do the final photo shoot on a sunny day – might be a bit of a wait at this rate!

meantime – here is the lovely Hannah modelling some of our Alpaca clothing




One Show introduce Llama and Alpaca together – well done

Congratulations to the One Show who introduced their Walking program by concluding the show with the appearance of an Alpaca and a Llama together. Looked like Vicki and Chris to me but did not hear an introduction so well done to them too. That is the names of the humans by the way.

This should also dispel the crazy theories about Llama being “hard nosed” and Alpaca softer – see the joke below – they are both equably calm and sensible characters with the right handling!

Kensmyth have been members of the British Llama Society for many years now and we love a Llama too!

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