Alpaca & Muscovy

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February 2024 at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow and welcome

I can never remember which months creeps in softly and which is the lion but I have to say with the promise of snow shortly following rain, wind and freezing temperatures in January the weather has gone a bit bonkers. First we have minus temps (-4) and then we have 11 degrees the next day!

What a joy that the alpaca are in full fleece so do not get cold, they love it but do not forget that means the cold!

Alpaca do not have lanolin in their fleece and have pads like dogs so wet ground and wet backs are invitations for infected cuts in the feet and hypothermia.. shelters and dry ground please folks!

Wet Weymouth in January from Kensmyth alpaca, Clay Meadow in the Cotswolds

Well I like to add to this blog some of the things we get up to as farming life continues daily 24/7 for 365 days a year. It is something people forget when the weather is cold, wet, windy and they stay indoors by a warm fire with a glass of wine and do not have to go out!

A quick trip to see friends in Weymouth and a drive by the beach, sorry we did not get out but folk were still out walking on the beach !

Rajdoot Cirencester recommended by Kensmyth in the Cotswolds

We not often eat Indian food because we usually prefer Thai but a quick trip to the Rajdoot in Cirencester was a lovely meal and great service. Small interior though, as we were leaving a large party very rowdy came in and I felt sorry for the couples on the tables adjacent but great food. Their keema nan was amazing!

Greyhound Siddington – too much salt?

We managed a sneak meal out to The Greyhound at Siddington amongst all the festivities but I was disappointed to be honest. Salt on a fish that was not wanted, salty rice under chicken and very small Sticky Toffee Pudding now..

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