Alpaca & Muscovy

George Clooney and the escaped lambs at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Well that is an unusual title is it not? Well George Clooney new Film Set is just a half mile away from us and it backs onto some sheep fields where two lambs escaped..

unfortunately I did not know it was there and having received an emergency call from a passer by that two lambs were trapped in the field, as a good Farmer we all help out albeit not mine.

Grabbing the RTV for speed and an unsuspecting visitor on site (Ian) we rocked up to find the lambs caught and released them but of course the field not being secure meant one headed down the road.

Ever ready, I stopped the traffic – good looking chap in a farmy looking vehicle albeit a bit new – and got his assistance along with a helpful lady walking her dog.

With the traffic stopped either end of the patch the lamb was in, lamb safely got back where it belonged, I thanked all and admitted at only that point that the sheep were nothing to do with me!

And at that point found out I had only grabbed an actor going out for a drive from the Film Set to assist in the lamb catching as he gleefully told me – live entertainment all round!

perhaps someone should tell Wilts and Glos Standard that we are in Gloucestershire?