Alpaca & Muscovy

Dorset lunch at The Wagon House what a great idea – Kensmyth Alpaca day out

Well I said I would follow up on the Seaside day out and it went like this – long drive, hot day, several visits, beach too full, could not find anywhere to park, mad visitors walking in the road everywhere despite being a road especially mums pushing children in pushchairs out in front of cars (can you believe it?) and so we decided to head out back to the countryside to find a nice pub for lunch.. could we find one?

Regrettably many had closed due to Covid and many had not reopened for the season yet.. so thinking that it would be a Farm Shop like ours in the Cotswolds that have Tea Rooms, we followed the signs to a “Farm Shop” offering fresh milk.

Several miles and signs later, realisation dawning it might not be as we expected due to how remote it was by then, a pleasant surprise to turn up at “The Wagon House” which is serve yourself and honesty box for all things.

Ice cream and Banoffee flapjacks was not quite what we had in mind but what a lovely place and surprise – such a good idea. The Wagon House milk vending and help yourself (paying of course) and the best coffee I have had in a long time – even the cows joined us!