Alpaca & Muscovy

New Year resolutions…

Well I started with a few New Year resolutions but Moet Chandon Champagne at my brothers new house to celebrate put paid to that idea – well it was rude not to ! So lets move on. Before we start with the rain and the gloop and Alpaca muddy footed husbandry, just a little thank you to a friend of mine Lisa who runs a successful business making memories of your cherished pets last forever. Her company has a joint website of hand painted china and silver jewellery:

the reason that I am promoting Lisa here is that her efforts go beyond all belief when we tragically lost our beloved dog Spirit. We had no paw print to cherish… or so we thought. Some time after she was put to sleep we found a paw print in the concrete by our barns. Lisa came out and took a cast print and from that we now have beautiful memories of Spirit forever. Some may find this a little sentimental but a dog is a part of a family and farm… we all have something of her now… see what you think…

spirit mug web


spirit end


Great Birthday and all occasion gifts for anyone, anytime. Bless.