Alpaca & Muscovy

gloop and poop and puppies… with sticky toffee pudding

I thought that was a fantastically immature title for an old timer like me… however it is entirely fitting. the mud underfoot is gloop and its difficult to pick up the poop! normal machines are getting stuck so best do by hand – marvellous. the wonders of paddock management take no heed of rain… and Alpaca continue to eat copious amounts of hay and twice daily feed which maintains their poop levels.

onwards and upwards to introduce our new little number (well this was taken weeks ago so not so little now)…


and to extol the virtues of the┬ásuperb Sticky Toffee Pudding at the Greyhound Pub in Siddington which I totally recommend…

sticky toffee pudding greyhound siddington