Alpaca & Muscovy

LAMBIVAC the argument goes on at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well, I am a great believer in “if it aint broke why fix it” theories but more importantly if your land or Alpaca don’t physically have something, why vaccinate for it? simply carry on doing faecal tests and watch for weather and ground changes. This is in reference to Fly Strike or Fluke for example.

However, in the Alpaca world of breeding there is always the debate of Lambivac versus “the next best thing”.. we have only EVER used Lambivac in accordance with instructions so Cria (Alpaca babies) are vaccinated at three weeks and correct instalments thereafter until annually.

no issues in the land? no changes? no faecal issues? why change what you use if it works and causes no issues ?

so LAMBIVAC it is for Alpaca at Kensmyth.