Alpaca & Muscovy

Storm Warning at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow 2020

Well i dont know what possessed my Alpaca to decide to have her cria in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm at teat time when she could have waited a few days – she must have had her reasons. Third stunning cria but instead of being calm and dry and cool, nope it was stair rods and about 7 degrees.

so quick move to mobile field shelters from outside and a very long night. I literally spent the night in the field shelter so excuse the photos, there was no way i could move in those stair rods to the barn.


Bit rocky to start with ever ready Lambs colostrum required and St Helens full cream Goats milk



but after a week of tlc for mum and cria with a friend and her cria to keep her company,

a happy new start and back out with her friends. and her cria is just stunning LOL worth the wait.