Alpaca & Muscovy

every dog has its day…

keen readers of this blog know that I do not use my dogs name – my last dog died so that is okay but to have a dogs name on its collar is asking for trouble with so many thieves about. .. With it being law to be microchipped now, far better surely to have “MICROCHIPPED” and your own mobile number on it?

It is better to have your mobile of course because if you are visiting someone out of your area, the person finding the dog (stolen/lost/escaped) will be confused if your telephone number is (for example) Newbury area code and you happen to be at the seaside in Wales on holiday!

The other serious consideration is that if your dog IS lost or stolen or escaped and you have its name on it, if someone takes a fancy to it, it will immediately respond to them. If you “find” it months later, difficult to prove its yours (if NOT microchipped) if it responds to its “new” owner.

just a thought folks!

meantime – mine keeps growing – now doing the farm jobs!