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Monthly Archives: June 2016

when to shear and what temperatures follows in … June?

Well annual shearing took place – as it always does – and it was all hands to the deck. Folk often ask if it is stressful for the Alpaca, especially the pregnant mums… my answer is simple.  Not in my experience of the past 8 years!!

The only Alpaca that make a bit of a fuss and not always are the previous years cria – coming up to yearlings at that point. The others know the blessed relief of the heavy fleece coming off – in some cases 4kg plus – but one always has to be mindful of the weather conditions that immediately follow shearing.

Too cold and they will die of hypothermia, too hot and they can literally burn.

This year shearing was completed in sunshine but rain, cold and wind followed so great care was taken to keep everyone warm… lets remember those hot days shall we?

What a majestic legacy shorn WEBbeautiful creature the Alpaca is shorn or unshorn!


wonderful world of white

Two weeks ahead of schedule, a stunning white girl from a top Alpaca, the floppy ears denote the prematurity amongst other things… doing well so fingers crossed…

cria 2 ears WEB       davina cria WEB

not named yet for obvious reasons and mother now shorn… perhaps these little beauties should share a name?

beauty beholder WEB

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

the title says it all really. the Cotswolds is renowned for Ants nests in its clay soils and we top these to keep them in control in fields NOT used for Alpaca. Fascinating little creatures and all part of the Eco system so should not be destroyed…

ants nest WEB

quarantine paddocks

well we have been frenetic with premature births and shearing – not related before you ask and more on that over the next few days but we also have been sorting out the Quarantine Paddocks. These are what they say they are and for just that. not used otherwise… so often overgrow… I wonder who that handsome chap could be?

quarantine paddock WEB