Alpaca & Muscovy

The future is bright, the future is Spotty at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Many Alpaca owners love all Camelids and I am no exception. Many also know that a number of years ago I was given money to purchase a different kind of Camelid in the Camelid family. The Llama is a very different member of the Camelid to the Alpaca and many like one or the other and not many owners seem to like both. I have adored my LLamas for years and been a member of the Society almost as long as we have lived here but my Mum has been moaning at me that I never put photos up of them. Well its an Alpaca Blog I said to which she replied well Courgettes are not Alpaca are they?

so for my Mum the photos of the Not Courgettes and not Alpaca – LOL!