Alpaca & Muscovy

SNOW BLINDNESS – in Cirencester and all over the UK

As the UK prepares once more for the “deep freeze” the subject of Alpaca fleece has come up several times in conversations recently – especially regarding Show Alpaca who have much more round headed fleeces with facial fleece all over.

Alpaca have peripheral vision – that means they see sideways like a bird. so it is essential to trim the area to let the Alpaca physically see out.

Where the fleece is left and not trimmed it can cause something called “snow Blindness”. this was taught to me many moons ago by a friend Dominic. I have been shown how to trim around the eyes avoiding the lashes which can sometimes grow inwards for show purposes but for more practical purposes the exterior needs trimming.

Alpaca with their long necks reach into trees and hedges so it is better to leave fleece on the head to protect them from poking themselves in the eye.

For the purposes of DEMONSTRATION – the Alpaca below has had his fleece brushed forward to show how it can – at times – totally cover the eyes. Always an attention seeker, this Alpaca had great fun demonstrating this to potential clients recently from abroad.