Alpaca & Muscovy

Hard Frost and Snow – great for killing larvae not great for laminitis

As an experienced horse rider, trainer and breeder, I am often being asked varying questions about land management where horses / ponies and Alpaca are concerned.

My answer is always the same – deep frosts kill worm larvae in the UK it is true – BUT how many deep frosts do we really have per annum? not that many – so poover madly, rotate regularly and used mixed species to vary the worm burden in fields.

Equine worm burden and Alpaca worm burden vary but Alpaca cannot get laminitis whereas ponies often do – answer is always to keep ponies on “non lush” ground.

NOW is the time that equines will gorge on frozen grass with the tips sugar laden and cold often causing colic and laminitis to the unwary.

regular trimming of hooves – not growing madly over the winter months but like grass still growing – will show you if there is any cause for concern … or not.  Alpaca toes on the other hand never seem to take a break and need doing more regularly to avoid any broken toes at the ends on hard ground at this time of year.


our Blacksmith of over 15 years and I were discussing this just last week