Alpaca & Muscovy

Sad news and good news updates

Well I am so far behind on blogging it is unreal. surreal and all good words like that! Where were we? Well the cria are all doing really well and our little Breech premmie took us all by surprise this week. She has overtaken the other cria and gone from 6.8kg to a stonking 10.6kg and will only be 2 weeks old on Friday. Good old mum, some Alpaca are priceless and that one is a real “Super Trouper” – the fleece is outstanding and the wonky legs getting less and less by the day.

I am a real believer in letting Mother Nature take its course with livestock where legs are concerned. I consulted my Vet to ensure we were on the same page about plastering but legs on the so young rarely do not eventually right themselves and yet if you plaster, few forget the strain put onto the alternative leg which, sadly, often can break too. So little wonky legs is doing just fine and has been named.

I am MILES behind on registering cria but Alpaca Walking Visitors on Friday and Sunday last have come up with some super names which are not yet registered on The British Alpaca Society so there will be a few surprises there for sure.

no themed cria naming this year – just Visitor Naming!

So with all good news – there is always bad. Sadly that is life. I had to do a presentation today and I really struggled to hold it together… This week has seen us lose in the last few days two “family” members, one someone I have known a lifetime and much admired, may he rest in peace and his family know how much love I can send and the other the brother of a very close friend of mine who died in the early hours this morning. It was a very short illness and he was severely disabled at the end and my heart was certainly with his family today.

Many of my regular readers know how hard I try to help make life easier for those less fortunate than ourselves and today was an exceptionally difficult day for me, with a sad passing the day before yesterday and one in the early hours this morning. When I walked round to check my Alpaca herd at 4.3o am this morning, in a very cold wind, my heart was full of sadness.

meantime to lift the mood – can you spot the Breech mum – clue is still unshorn!!

bent poles