Alpaca & Muscovy

No textbook Alpaca births at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well I have been discussing here for a while how Alpaca across the UK have been holding off giving birth. This means they not only stop the birth happening but arrest the growth of the foetus inside – amazing isn’t it?

well, this means that cria born “late” are Dysmature (looks like Premature) despite the length of time inside because the growth was stopped. lets face it, Alpaca do not have big enough insides to allow them to continue to grow and grow and in humans they would be induced which you cannot do to Alpaca.

so the net result is that across the UK Alpaca breeders are seeing Dysmature cria and premmies of course. these indications are many ranging from inside out ears, floppy ears, malformed feet, weak pasterns and hindlegs, unerupted teeth, thick umbilical cords – you name it, it will happen at sometime to all Alpaca breeders.

so it was no surprise that Cria number two arriving at precisely 12 months gestation had quite a few of the above. here are the before and afters LOL