Alpaca & Muscovy

Newbury show 2015 and Cotswold Sheep

Newbury Show has long been one of our favourites for exhibiting at:

help for heroes newbury stand

but this year we just managed time out in September to visit. Nice to leave the boys looking after the Alpaca herd and take a look at my favourites the Cotswold Sheep… and their woolly friends, some amazing breeds to be seen

boy with curly sheep WEB       curly sheep WEB

sheep with the fabulous crimp …

CURLY SHEEP 2 WEB        sheep WEB face

Great to see the Aussie sheep stand with its hilarious occupants and narrative…

sheep show WEB

and the judging of the breeds…

sheep WEB show

and different breeds from across the UK…

RABBIT SHEEP WEB            devil horned WEB sheep

but get this…!!

super curly sheep WEB