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Hernia Truss for Alpaca or Hernia Belt for Alpaca

I have not disappeared – honest Injun! I am here and its frenetic. I have been finishing so late – and it is really noticeably getting darker earlier – that I have simply crashed out with no time to Blog. Sorry but I am here now – Da Da!

Right then. We all know that Alpaca births can be challenging and an essential piece of kit in your “birthing Box” should always be a Hernia Truss. Hernias appear at the umbilical on the cria anytime from birth right up to 4 weeks old, depending on how crazy hooley the cria is. sometimes it is caused by straining for the first poo but often it is just a bright bubbly energetic cria bounding around before all their “bits are fixed” as someone put it the other day!

Could I find mine? Nope. 14 cria down with varying excellent of challenging births and one hernia. small but there. I phoned Graham who runs Alpaca and LLama Care from whom I purchased mine in 2008 but they do not sell them anymore. Loads of other great stuff though:

Sooo, Alpaca friends (always need these to share thoughts) to the ready! one posted to me and a quick mish mash of paper patterns and one made!

looks like a Spider I know but essential just to hold things tight for a few days/week and then fixed – simples!

TRUSS  the original truss lying flat to show all straps

how it fits on the cria – my hand would be the neck with the strap below going around the chest – you can google this I am sure

hernia truss 4

truss showing pad which is positioned over the hernia – do not forget this must be checked for slipping several times per day and they wriggle madly!

 hernia truss 3


A paper template using Velcro laid out to show the straps over the original one … don’t forget which way the Velcro hooks and loops go (sides up)

hernia truss 2

Then make sure you have enough at the front for adjustment as all cria are shaped differently and “one size” does NOT fit all!

hernia truss 1

and Bingo – a makeshift Hernia Truss or Hernia Belt for Alpaca Cria.

Meantime – sent the template to Mary Roach who is now supplying them too!

Check your cria tummies – you will all get a cria with a Hernia at some point